PAPA Poem – Poetry Course (300 Level Course)

PAPA Poem – Poetry Course (300 Level Course)

Back and forth to school he’d go
Even if it was really slow
He drove us to show his care
Although it took a long time to get there

On Christmas he would take us shopping
His bank account was always dropping
He bought us books and clothes and toys
And made sure I never talked to boys

While Mama was cooking our after school snack
Papa bought McDonald’s behind her back.
Mama made chicken noodle soup by the buckets
While Papa was getting us Chicken McNuggets.

Papa used to think he was slick
But we all knew his little trick
Papa would sneak a drink of scotch
Not knowing that I was there to watch
He thought he could drink his secret brew
But I made sure that Mama knew.

You told us stories while in our beds
Like how you became ‘uncle heads’
Even though we sometimes put up a fuss
You’ll always be ‘Papa’ to us.

So on your 70th birthday we wish you the best
Knowing you’ve had a lifetime of success
Because looking at all of your family here
We know that you’ll have many more great years