Common Ground Among Them – Creative Writing Story

Common Ground Among Them – Creative Writing Story
At the first night, I knew my three roommates: Stephanie, Alicia and Katherine. Stephanie, a slim girl, snow-white skin made her very popular in boys. She was called school-flower. I heard from Alicia that Stephanie

used to be smacked by the elder girl from the middle school when she was in primary school, because the boys in middle school were crazy for her, and she almost grabbed of their attention from other girls. Of course, she began to make a boyfriend in a young age. That was the reason I think she was a superficial girl and I didn’t have a good feeling about her. When the boys knew Stephanie would study in middle school, some of boys even begun to plan that how to pick up her. However, it was not so easy to do, because the number of the boys who wanted to pick up her could around the earth three rounds. Alicia, a little bit fat, her skin was quite dark and she was not so tall. She was an opponent to Stephanie, but Stephanie was her good friend. Maybe the boy wanted to get close to Stephanie through Alicia, so she was quite popular as well. And Katherine, umm…she was so quite that you would ignore her exist. She was that kind of gracefully quiet girl. She didn’t like to talk, but listened to us. However, I found a common ground among them: studied badly, but yearned for the love can remember to the end of their lives.
In the first night, Stephanie positive talked to me first.
“Hey, Michelle, have you ever made any boyfriend before you came to this school?” Stephanie asked me.
“No. I don’t have so much time to know one. How can I make a boyfriend?” I asked return back.
“You mean you spend all the time on the books?” her tone raised several tones.
I didn’t deny and nodded my head.
“Ok. Tell me frankly have you ever loved someone before?”
“I mean did you heart beat fast when you saw a boy?”
“Of course not. It’s too dramatic. How can you love a stranger at the first sight, you know nothing about him. Can you sure he is a good guy?”
“Oh, my god! I can’t believe I am living with a cold-blood girl together. Dear Michelle, don’t be too dull. Every girl dreams to be loved by someone. Doesn’t tell me you haven’t thought about it before!”
“Yes, that is who I am! Don’t you feel the job of being a student is study?”
“Are you kidding? Study? Are you crazy that you’ve never imagined your boyfriend?”
“What’s wrong?”
“What’s wrong? That’s a big big wrong. You need to leave the books. Books are not your whole life, book worm.”
“But I want to study some knowledge. That’s the reason I come here.”
“All right, I’ll tell candid to you that love is a vast knowledge that no book can teach you how to do it, even the adult can’t handle it well. You have to grow up one day. Girl, woke up, you will face it some day.”
“How many boyfriends you have made so far?”
She leaned her head and her finger moved up and down, after a while.
“I think it’s about seven.” She peacefully said.
“Why you look so surprised? Your eyes are so round that I can put a nut in it.”
“Do you want to imply that you understand love a lot?”
“Maybe.” She proudly said.
“So what’s love?”
“That’s easy. It means you treat me well, then I treat you well too.”
“Stephanie, friends also can treat each other like this, just like you and Alicia, does it mean you guys need to fall in love?”
“Take it easy, Michelle. You’re still young. I can understand. You can’t accept this so fast.”
“It’s absurd. If he doesn’t treat you well, then you won’t love him any more, right?”
“Of course.”
“If he treats you well at the same time, he has another girlfriend; do you still stay beside him?”
“Um…then I would consider whether he worth me paying much love on him. For example, I would see he whether is rich. Even he doesn’t love me any more, if he still treats me well. I can use his money to buy what I like to buy. Remember, if man is an earning money machine, then girl should be a wasting money machine. In addition, Michelle, nowadays, there is a popular saying in girls: ‘marry a rich man is better than study well in school’!” ”
“Is she reading the actor’s lines?” that’s my first reflection.
Although I’d heard this kind of words so many times from media I’d never thought that I would hear that from my friend’s mouth. I was shocked. The feeling liked the ship crushed into a cold mountain. Ice freezes my body from head to foot from sky.”
“You don’t want to set up your own business? Haven’t you made an aim for your life?”
“Of course, I have, married a rich husband and be a wealthy wife. That’s simple. It’s hard to work outside, why you don’t I choose a comfortable way to spend my life?”
“Your opinion is so special.”
“Me? Lots of people have the same thought as mine. They just don’t express it so plain and directly like me.”
Our conversation was ended by the mobile phone, which was from her boyfriend. He called her to have a date in the weekend. There was no surprise that her boyfriend was from a wealthy family. Actually, she told me a lot, but I only could remember these. After the weekend, when I saw her again, a spanking new delicate ring was worn in her right hand. I heard from Alicia that this ring cost 1,000 RMB. “Being a rich guy’s girlfriend is so great.” I heard another girl in my grade after she saw the ring. Do you think this is a good phenomenon that a girl advocates money worship? How their parents taught her?

At the end of that year, when we finished the text, my questions couldn’t store any more. I really hoped I could change her vulgar mind.
“Stephanie, do your parents know that?” I curious asked.
“My parents?” she sneered, “Hug, they are absolutely this kind of people. Can you believe that my mom even encourage me finding a rich man as husband.”
“Ah–?” I couldn’t believe my ears.

“Don’t be so surprise. Michelle, I believe you were born in a content family; I used to be as well. But everything has changed since my family became rich. He didn’t like going home any more. He loves staying outside, not come home and see my mom and me. My mother always cried when he was not at home, I used to naïve think that it was caused by my mark, so I worked very hard in a period and that made me became the top student in my school, but it didn’t change too much. Later, I knew that dad had some women outside. From then on, I swear I must spend all the men’s money. That’s my family. If my father was not rich, my family wouldn’t in this situation. Sorry, Michelle. I didn’t plan to tell you this. I know you are so pure as a piece of white paper. I hope you won’t violate any spot, just not like me. I know I am terrible.”

I knew I should say, “No, you are still a good girl.” Such words to console her, but I just couldn’t burst out. I was too shock to say anything. I looked at her. She looked unconfident any more, instead of sorrow. I still remember her eyes clearly. It was a pair of numb and dim eyes. Her language was slipslop like a bottom of water, not sweet but not bitter, either. She used the simplest words to describe her past, but her words like drooping a stone into a still lake, the surface floated bunches of ripples in my heart. Before that, I considered she was a shallow girl, who only loved money in her mind. I used to think that my entire peer should be focus on their study and their families’ supervisor their mark, but Stephanie opened a window and led me to another new world. That was my first time to see Stephanie’s case. This talent girl could change like this, which was not all her fault. “Then who should take this responsibility?” I couldn’t help asking myself. When I am writing in here, Stephanie makes me recollecting myself at the age of eight. At that time, my parents quarreled horrible, I have forgotten how fear I was when they were arguing, but I remember clearly that their argument made me felt like at the end of the world. Suddenly, I think I begin to understand her. There is nothing worse than the child see their parents separate. The situation that Stephanie met even worse. I don’t know how she felt when she faced her father. At least, she wouldn’t believe the story that the prince and princess live happily forever in fairy tale. A three-people family, like a pedicab, no matter which wheel was broken, the consequence was severe. I thought if I met the same situation with her, what should I do? Do I think her behavior is the best way to solve the problem? Stephanie was right. I wouldn’t learn this from my text book. My text books never taught that I should take responsibility to myself, my family and the whole society. That moment, I felt my high mark was useless. It couldn’t help me to solve this complicated spot. High mark couldn’t let me understand the adult’s emotion world. The most ridicule thing was they always request us study well, but ignore the basic thing. Do they think high mark can represent everything? I was worried that our next generation might meet the same embarrassing situation with us!

However, Stephanie transferred to another school after Junior One. Before she left, she wrote a message to me that asked Alicia to give me: I wanna marry a common boy. When I saw it, my tear was suddenly rolling in my eye pit. She was a victim of her family.