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Following Her Heart – Creative Writing Story

Following Her Heart – Creative Writing Story
Once upon a time, in the early 19th century a girl from a low class society lost her parents. She was left alone at the age of 14 and was looked after by her Aunty Rose. Aunty Rose, herself, had a family so she couldn’t spend a lot of time with Geneva.

Geneva was a tall, slim girl with very blonde hair, so blonde, that it looked almost white. Her sparkling blue eyes showed her naïve behaviour towards life.

Already for a month she was being raped by a neighbour who was supposed to take care of her, while Aunty Rose was away. Geneva was told not to tell anyone about this or she would be killed.

It began gradually from making comments that the neighbour shouldn’t say to the whole sexual abuse. Then it was happening almost every time when Aunty Rose was not here.

“Ok Geneva, I have to go, see you in a week.” Said Aunty Rose and as usual turned to Paul.

“Paul will not look after you dear.” She said, smiling at Paul and leaving him with Geneva.

In the evening Paul as usual went to play cards and after he cam back, he asked Geneva to undress. Geneva couldn’t bare it anymore and with a scream ran outside. She was running …………….. and it was difficult for her to find a way because the pine forest crept in on all sides and ….. the trees were thickly grown.

She came to an old house and fearing that she was chased, got inside.
The air was hot and foul. Spider webs covered the whole place. It was dark and only on the second floor light was seen. She approached the stairs and began moving to the second floor.

When she approached the room, it was deserted. She looked inside the window and saw an image. Geneva jumped backwards to the wall and recognized her mother. She could see her mother’s tears running down her cheeks. Geneva saw the sorrow on her mother’s face. The Geneva heard a voice.

“I came here to warn you not to go back, follow your heart and you will find a peaceful place to live.”

After these words her mother vanished.

Geneva came out of the house and confused went to the direction she was looking at, following her heart.