Dangerous Environmentalists

My wife drives a Nissan Altima that gets 32 miles a gallon and I motor around in a Maxima that faithfully achieves 28. My spouse and I habitually recycle our paper, glass and metal county trash and keep it all separate from our town-collected “other garbage.” We conscientiously maintain our property in a neat manner and keep our shrubs and bushes trimmed and our lawn well manicured. Like the plurality of Americans, we respect the environment and try our best to protect it.

A fairly funny joke goes something like this: “Yesterday it was so cold outside that I actually saw a liberal with his hand in his own pocket!”

I happen to believe that hardcore “Environmental Greenies” are very dangerous people. The fanatics invent crazy modern mythological terminology like “carbon footprint,” “alternative energy” and “global warming” and the overzealous charlatans expect to make the rest of civilization (including our easily impressionable and indoctrinated school children) feel guilty if we aren’t voluntarily and gullibly deceived by their creative frivolous terminology.

But it’s my sincere contention that the on-a-mission Greenie extremists (along with their suspect unproven theories) constitute a major threat to American civilization because their radical militant movement is counter-productive to our already fragile U.S. economy and their perverted liberty-threatening agenda is a direct detriment to U.S. national security.

For the purpose of clarity, let me explain my seemingly bizarre position on this contemporary issue. In truth, the more radical militant Greenies want to restrict your (and my) automotive mobility and limit your (and my) “fossil fuel freedom” in order to make you and me become more dependent on electric-powered vehicles and state-sponsored mass transportation.

Generally speaking, radical Greenies are “extreme liberals” who don’t like American dependence on either foreign or domestic oil in order to operate our automobiles. The crazed lunatics insist that we use “alternative energy” to replace the scourge of petroleum products and carbon emissions presently polluting the atmosphere.

Let’s get real here! When is the last time you’ve seen an automobile passing you on the highway with a solar panel and a windmill on its roof responsible for propelling it? Not even the most devout environmental Greenie has one of these “alternative energy” babies!

“Alternative Energy” does not exist on any practical functional level! It’s successful implementation effectively replacing standard auto’ engines and fossil fuels is still decades away! The unique terminology “Alternative Energy” is really an anachronism, a misguided misnomer designed to goad the rest of us into feeling ashamed of driving around in gas-guzzling SUVs, Altimas and Maximas.

The so-called totally electric cars that are out there are abundantly overpriced modes of transportation. One popular version sells for 44 thousand dollars, that is, after the government gives you a rebate of 10,000 bucks.

Guess who pays for the ten thousand dollar rebate? You and I do! This Greenie-originated “rebate canard” represents a deliberate-but-strategic egregious redistribution of wealth designed to force and compel you and me to purchase plug-in cars that have to be re-energized every few hours and that have trouble accelerating over fifty miles an hour.

Here’s another misuse of typical “Greenie” jargon, a disingenuous scoundrel idea called “Cap and Trade.” Allow me to emphasize that wind and solar power are not examples of “Alternative Energy” as the shrewd Greenies ardently argue. Wind and solar are what can best be described as “Supplemental Energy” that will not replace coal-generated electricity anytime in the immediate future.

Now here’s the problem with the recently proposed Cap and Trade legislation. The wind and solar industries cannot economically or efficiently compete with coal as a source of competitive electric energy. And so, the existing power companies must pay fines for polluting the atmosphere, the penalty money going to subsidize newly created (but financially unprofitable) wind and solar companies. Again, beneath the Greenie ruse we have the deceptive hidden agenda of redistributing wealth from the practical “have corporations” to the impractical “have-not wind and solar companies.”

Yes, according to the demands of Cap and Trade, good legitimate capitalistic money will be earmarked to slyly go from profitable electric companies to uncompetitive wind and solar corporations so folks, don’t be surprised when your electric bill goes up an additional twelve hundred dollars a year to finance this extravagant government-oriented money grab that’s custom-designed to assist the Greenies in accomplishing their warped goals!

And permit me to assert that the real villains in this progressive travesty of economic justice are the Greenies who are desperately attempting to paint the electric companies as the evil capitalistic culprits that are contributing to increasing the size of our “carbon footprints.” I don’t know about your singular attitude, but I’m perfectly satisfied with the size of my carbon footprint and I don’t wish to see it diminished in any way.

When the boisterous Greenies eventually convince Russia, China and India to stop polluting the environment and the atmosphere (which just happens to travel around the globe to the USA), then that’s the appropriate time for America to join the idealistic quixotic crusade to save the planet.

Indeed, our own national security is currently being jeopardized in the form of self-destructive unilateral economic disarmament. By listening to and legislating the Greenies’ deleterious environmental program, industrial jobs are gradually going overseas to the new manufacturing countries of Russia, India and China, giving those three foreign nations (that obviously don’t care too much about the environment) an international competitive advantage over the self-victimized United States, where it is estimated that two oil and coal industry jobs are lost for every “alternative energy” job that is created through wily socialistic wealth (and energy) redistribution.

Yes indeed, the radical Greenies are very possessed quixotic liberals that want to save the planet while naively and inadvertently destroying American civilization through ignorantly crippling the formerly virile U.S. economy. The one-track-mind Greenies truly desire middle class citizens to engage in an irresponsible class warfare game with the rich as John Doe’s targeted combatants. Yes, tax the wealthy more so that we can more readily redistribute and share the common wealth!

By raising taxes on the rich to help support saving the environment, here’s what’s really occurring. The middle-class is in the act of spiting itself! The so-called rich control all goods and services produced in America so therefore, the cost of items the middle-class buys will conversely go up.

By redistributing the wealth through higher taxes on the rich (with some of the money going to the Greenie causes), we all can expect to pay more for soap, soup and meat at the supermarket and more for clothes, tools and paint at Wal*Mart. A tax on the wealthy is really a hefty burden on you and me, the American consumer!

Just objectively examine the economic statistics to further understand my point! In 2010, the U.S. trade deficit has averaged 41 billion dollars a month while Red China’s trade surplus in October was in excess of 27 billion dollars. The ongoing and very dangerous Greenies’ philosophy will make the United States export less and import even more by sending more industrial jobs overseas to countries that don’t have the same reverence for a pristine environment as America does.

Is there any wonder that Red China holds 800 billion dollars in U.S. bond debt? Is there any Greenie out there that doesn’t see this astonishing and growing ugly debt scenario as either a potential or direct threat to U.S. national security?

Just examine what the maniacal Greenies and their political influence have done to California’s San Joaquin Valley, which was once the most productive agricultural region in the USA. Canal water is being dammed and diverted south of San Francisco in order to protect endangered fish species such as the delta smelt and the silvery minnow.

As a result of over 150 billion gallons of water being re-channeled annually, thousands of acres of cantaloupe, grapes, tomatoes, lettuce and onion crops have been sacrificed (along with over 40,000 agricultural jobs) while simultaneously generating much higher chain store fruit and produce prices.

Finally, the crazed Greenies insist that the Earth is in jeopardy because of an impending phenomenon known as “Global Warming.” This is another hypothetical trick designed to scare the rest of us into believing the gross distortions of the asylum-oriented environmental gospel.

Ever since the Cambrian geologic age that had occurred on Planet Earth over 700 million years ago, scientists estimate that there have been over 300 Ice Ages. In fact, the last Great Ice Age ended only around ten thousand years ago when the Great Lakes had been scoured-out by the northern retreat of the tremendously thick layer of glacial ice.

Americans don’t have to fear the Greenies’ doomsday version of Global Warming nearly as much as they have to be wary of the prospect of Global Cooling.

Just imagine this rather frightening catastrophic rendition of events! A mile-high sheet of glacial ice again descends from the Arctic Circle onto the United States and soon every skyscraper in Seattle, Chicago and New York City is violently crushed and devastated during a 21st century three hundred and first cataclysmic ice invasion.

Don’t listen to these dangerous Greenie environmentalists that want to control our everyday lives at our own expense, thus endangering our own individual independence and national prosperity! Global Cooling is a much more formidable potential disaster than Global Warming (coastal flooding) will ever be!