The Crucible Act 3

The well known novel, The crucible , is based off true events during the Salem witch trials, which took place in the early 1900’s. Many people were accused of being a witch and/or causing harm to the colonist in the Americas. In the acts that have led up to act III, many women have been accused and charged of immoral crimes. During this time era religion was a major objects in peoples’ life, it is believed that religion had an influence on the witch trials. It is also believed that the trials were to keep women from gaining to much power, they were not suppose to be the upper authority so therefore in the were in jail and/or hung they couldn’t receive power over men.

At the beginning of act III Judge Hawthorne is in the court house and the trials for that day have started. First on trial is Martha Corey, accused of witchcraft, but Giles doesn’t agree with this accusation and is convinced that this is Mr. Putnam’s way of acquiring new land for himself. To solve the problem and to see if Giles Corey’s accusation is true the judge, the deputy governor, both the reverends, and Francis join Giles in the vestry room to discuss the matter at hand. While the Corey-Putnam situation is being solved to more people, Proctor and Mary Warren, enter the room. Shortly after Proctor and Ms.Warren enter the room, Mary tells the others that’s the girls and herself were only pretending to be affected by witch craft, nothing had really happened to them. The town’s authority was surprised that the girls would come up with such accusations against the towns people, Judge Danforth has asked Proctor if he has informed the town about the confession of the girl. In reaction to such lies, Paris suggest over throwing the court and Danforth questions John to see if he is conspiring to ignore the courts authority. John calmly states that he only wants to have his wife back. Cheever, who was sitting quietly watching the following events, has no problem in telling the judge that john tore up Elizabeth’s warrant for her arrest, along with the fact the Proctor breaks the law on Sunday and plows his land. Judge Danforth begins to ask John about his religion, and is shocked that John barely goes to church. John doesn’t really show any concern about what happens to himself, he just worries about his wife because he knows she isn’t guilty of witch craft, she is just a good religiously, godly woman that does as she should. To much of Proctor’s surprise the judges tell him not to worry about her, Elizabeth has claimed to be pregnant and won’t be hung until after she births her baby. Proctor is asked to drop his charge against the court but he wont, instead he returns with a protest signed by ninety-one land owning citizens of Salem, each and every person speaks of what good people Martha, Elizabeth, and Rebecca are. Rev. Paris suggest that all ninety-one people be prosecuted for this protest because it seems to attack the court and undermined authority of Salem.
Later in act III, Abigail Williams is brought into the court room, she is called there by Judge Danforth. When Ms. Williams and her friends arrive she is questioned about Mary Warren’s confession, Abigail disagrees with all of it. Mary repeats that the girls are only pretending and none of this is real. To prove her true, Hawthorne ask Mary to pretend to faint for the court but she replies she can’t because she doesn’t known how to. Mary Warren is under so much pressure that she quickly says she only thought she saw spirits but it wasn’t really real. Soon Danforth tries to get Abigail to tell them all the truth but she just shivers then states that Mary had send a cold wind upon them. Knowing that Abigail and her girls are lying, Proctor stands up and yells that Abigail is a whore, and admits to his affair with her, which explained why Elizabeth fired her when she found out about the situation. John exclaims that Abigail wanted Elizabeth to be hung so she could take his wife’s place in the home. When John Finishes his accusations against Abigail the judge tells both of them to turn around then send for Mrs. Proctor. Upon Elizabeth’s arrival she is asked why was Abigail fired, confused she looks at John for help but is ordered to just look at the judge. Elizabeth states that she thought John had a thing for Abigail and in rage fired the child without a reason, as Mrs. Proctor leaves john yells that he confessed his sin, but the story couldn’t be changed. In all the commotion all the girls shout that Mary is sending spirits at them, that they need help. Mart begs them to stop but they just keep repeating their accusing words over and over. Everybody in the room looks around in fear and excitement, but they are confused about the fake happenings among them. Mary becomes scared with everybody’s commotion and begins to yell and shout as well. Proctor tries to help her but she moves abruptly from him and says he is the devil’s man. She accuses John Proctor of speaking with the devil and trying to get her to join his evil ways. John is arrested after all the accusation and his confession to adultery and after trial is proven guilty among all the accusations.