Theatre Final Proposal – Requested Mentor: Bill Instructor

Theatre Final Proposal – Requested Mentor: Bill Instructor
A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius: A Multimedia One-Act Presentation This project will be an opportunity for me to flex many of the “theater muscles” I have developed over the past three and a half years. It will allow me to develop a production from every angle; writing, some directing, producing, and most of all acting.

The project will be an adaptation of Dave Eggers’ novel; “A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius.” I will choose a number of scenes from the novel to adapt into 4 – 5 monologues. The novel has a very smart and quick witted slant, and I will do my best to bring that feeling to this presentation. I say presentation because I envision this performance to be very much like the book, a presentation of Dave Eggers’ life. I will incorporate not only my own acting abilities, but also some multimedia components, ie. slide projectors and practical music sources.

Over the course of the winter and the first month of school, I will write the script for my presentation and begin to develop an overall scope for the show, that is to say that I will attempt to find the direction for the production. On or around February 18, I will go into rehearsals for the production. I hope to have the show up on or around April 3.

During the next two months, I will contact Dave Eggers himself to discuss with him the project and find out if he has any suggestions or ideas about it. I will also begin to compile the scenes from his novel that best capture the overall feeling that the book connotes.

This project will test every one of the skills I have developed here at CNU. I will have to write a play, produce an entire production, manage a production staff, direct myself, and use the acting skills to present the final product.

There are very few departmental resources I will need to employ for this production