The Chain-O-Lakess

Flying across the water, the wind in your hair, the warm sun on your skin, boating on the Chain-O-Lakes is a leisurely way to spend your day. Riding on a boat, however; is only one of the things you can do while enjoying the Chain-O-Lakes. You can also enjoy fishing, water sports and of course there is plenty of sightseeing and people watching. While there are many different types of boats on the Chain-O-Lakes, my favorite type is the powerboat. With the rumbling big engines and the noisy exhaust systems. You can smell a hint of gasoline in the air when filling up the tank. The wind whips through your hair as you speed through the choppy water. You can even enjoy racing other boats down the river, knowing you are going to have a great time on the Chain.

Now if you enjoy fishing, weather in the day time or at night, you can really take it easy. Sitting out on the bow of a pontoon boat or a simple row boat, you can find yourself absorbing the suns warm rays, or enjoying the cool breeze and listening to the bullfrogs croaking in the distance on a warm summer evening, you will always feel at home on the Chain. You can hear and see many different kinds of fish jumping all around, and smell fish and other boats in the air. Fishing is also a great time to catch up with old friends or even make some new ones as there is always a story to tell.

Water sports, which can include skiing, tubing, and swimming, are just another great part of being on the Chain – O- Lakes. With skiing and tubing you need a powerboat for the speed and strength. Flying across the water on a set of brand new waxed skies is so much fun. You can feel the ripples from the boat’s wake under your feet through the skies. There is also the pull of the rope from the power of the boat in your hands. This is when you have the freedom of being all by yourself in the water. On a tube you can feel the same way but you can be a little lazier, because you can sit on your butt and do nothing. For swimming you don’t even really need a boat, all you need is the cool water on a hot summer’s day. Splashing around with friends and family, playing macro-polo, swimming under water and being able to hear the boats off in the distance, this is all part of being on the Chain.

The most enjoyable part of the Chain-O-Lakes is the sightseeing and people watching. You have big, huge brand new mansions around the shore’s edge mixed with little run down cabins between them. There are even islands with houses on them that are so secluded; they are only accessible by boat. Some of these islands are for animals only, too. They are the most vibrant, and lush filled with tall trees and beautiful flowers. Driving by, the people on other boats or in their homes that are so friendly to you, will wave a friendly hello. It is a great feeling of hospitality when you’re out on the Chain-O-Lakes.

The Chain-O-Lakes is a great place to visit either on a long weekend or for a nice family vacation. It is one of the best places that I like to send time when I get a free chance. My family and I like to meet there at least once a year for a nice time. I would recommend a long weekend visit to the Chain-O-Lake to anyone that I know.