Capital Punishment

In my opinion capital punishment is morally not right. I am from Germany, were death penalty is nowadays prohibited by law for many years. Everybody is able to live there as an individual and around the next corner will not someone be waiting to kill you. But I think in some cases it would be very helpful to make capital punishment legal, as in the case of serial killers or people that do not learn

form being imprisoned and commit a number of other crimes.

I think the people that decide if a murderer get executed or not, and the people that fulfill an execution are murderers on their own. This does not make them much better than the person that was killed. It is morally not right to kill other people, just because they did kill someone. Murderers should stay imprisoned for many years and get a second chance to show good will. Then when they get free and commit another crime, then they should be punished for it. In this case I would really be for capital punishment because this person did not use the second chance to change and did not learn anything from the time spent in prison.

I found out in some research that “the mix of drugs is unacceptable for putting dogs and cats to sleep” (, so why should we use this mix of drugs to execute a person like us? This mix was invented by DR. Jay Chapman, that did not even have any knowledge about killing someone.

There are also many reasons people kill other people. Some people are mentally ill and need rather a therapy than many years in prison; other people just kill for fun and will never learn, such as serial killers. Then there are also people that had to kill because they were in a certain situation and had to act in affect. While I was living in Germany, I sometimes heard about people that got the death penalty and were not even guilty. I think if there would not be a death penalty in too many cases, it would be more likely avoided to execute a wrong person. Even that people know that there is capital punishment in 22 states, do some people not care about it and still commit horrible crimes. If someone would want to stop crime at all, there must be a death penalty for almost every crime. This is already impossible by law written down in the “Bill of Rights”.

A lot more cases of murders could be eliminated if the U.S. would change the regulations for weapons. People should not be allowed to buy weapons everywhere and to carry them around. People should obtain a license and they should only be allowed to have weapons for hunting in the woods and shooting at ranges. Another point that speaks against executions is, that the public has to pay for the executions. This means that tax payers are paying money to execute someone. I personally rather would pay money to keep someone imprisoned for a long time, than to pay for a execution.

I also believe that it is gods decision to let someone die. So a murderer only fulfills gods will to kill a special person. It always hurts the family and people that knew the person that was killed. Another point I think that will be important for the future of the U.S. is that capital punishment should be limited or prohibited by law. Even in Puerto Rico, which is a territory of the U.S., the last death sentence executed was in 1927 and two years later the government abolished capital punishment. Today “two- thirds of Puerto Ricans oppose death penalty” ( and might be happy that it is prohibited now.

In my opinion the US seems to live in the future but for real it still lives in the past. A country can be kept save using other ways than capital punishment. Many countries in the world do not support capital punishment and do prohibit it by law. These countries live in the future, know how to punish people right and know what is morally right.