Increasing Knowledge Increases Sorrow – Philosophy Essay

Increasing Knowledge Increases of – Philosophy Essay

Since the time of Greek Mythology to the world we live in today, the increase of knowledge is the increase in sorrow. Without a doubt the words “For in much wisdom is much grief, and increase of knowledge is increase of sorrow,” from the chapter Ecclesiastes in the Bible are true and can be clearly shown through brooks, people, and technology.

In reading about Greek Mythology you can infer that the Gods punish humans by inflecting knowledge upon them. Prometheus gave humans fire and with this increase in knowledge humans began to start wars. Hephaestus was a great jewelry maker and Hera was unaware this. She ended up throwing him away into the ocean. There a Water Nymph saved Hephaestus and he began making her jewelry. One day on Olympus the Gods had a party and that Water Nymph was wearing the jewelry Hephaestus made her. When Hera found out it was Hephaestus she felt grief for the rest of the party.

Another source of literature with sorrow as the outcome of knowledge is the Bible. Adam and Eve were punished by God by the knowledge they gained. Eve was informed by the serpent that if she were to eat the “forbidden fruit” she would become just as powerful as God. After Adam and Eve had eaten the fruit God had separated the two and given them what they deserved. Another story from the Bible that imposes the same concept would be Nowak’s Ark. God told Nowak that a big storm would come and he needed to get two of every animal to put them on an Ark. Nowak’s knowledge of this storm gave him sorrow because of the work load he had to do, but on top of that would be the fact that people thought he was insane.

Also people in general with the increase of knowledge come with the increase of sorrow. Bill Gates for example, his knowledge about computers led him to become the rich man he is today, but with that he deals with people pointing fingers and talking bad about him. Leonardo da Vinci was another man who had an accentual amount of knowledge on science. His ideas about helicopters and parachutes were extremely ahead of his time. Although these ideas were so great people didn’t understand him and thought he was crazy. Da Vinci wasn’t liked very much and that was his sorrow for his knowledge.

Technology is by far on top of anything else dealing with the increase of knowledge is the increase in sorrow. Weapons, of any type, thought up through knowledge bring pain, sorrow, grief, and suffering. The “A-Bomb” was thought up to be the best inventions of its time. With the knowledge of its extensive power the military used it and the results clearly fit the description of sorrow. Now “A-Bombs”, “H-Bombs”, and other forceful weapons are not the issue. Biological weapons are now what technology’s knowledge has led to. These great weapons are why we live in sorrow today. War is not the only area of science technology has gotten its hands on. Medical discoveries that have been found have made people sorrowful. The discovery of AIDS has defiantly put a black scar on people. People use to go everyday with a sickness and never knew about it but today, with every test “under the sun” available, people know exactly what is wrong with them and that puts them in worry.

In conclusion the words “For in much wisdom is much grief, and increase of knowledge is increase of sorrow,” from the Bible are true and are clearly shown. With the knowledge of when you will die will effect the decisions you make up until that day; living your life in grief.