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Example of Graduate School Admission Essay – Two Personal Accomplishments

Example of Graduate School Admission Essay – Two Personal Accomplishments

Describe what you believe to be your two most substantial accomplishments to date (at least one must be professional), explaining why you view them as such. (400 words approx.)

When I was working at PubliCARD, I was presented with the company Excellence Awarde after having led a corporate Web site project. A reputable Web site company had attempted the original project; however, after six months and several hundred thousands of dollars, the Web site remained unfinished.My emergency task was to design a completely new Web site with a modest budget within three weeks. I seized the opportunity in front of me, and PubliCARD successfully celebrated the launch of an enhanced Web site – on time and for only fifteen percent of the original budget.

First of all, I was recognized at the end of the year and received a job promotion. Second, I took the initiative and responsibility of the project, organized a team, developed a plan, and managed the time available. Third, I was capable of delivering under pressure and making the best use of the resources on hand. Therefore, it was a project which meant a lot to me and the company at the time of execution. But most importantly, I was able to learn new skills and form new relationships which were significant when I founded my own company later on.

A more personal and unforgettable accomplishment for me was the three months I traveled throughout Europe during the summer of 2001 with a friend. During these three months, we visited the following countries: France, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Greece, England and Romania. Everyday reserved a new experience being either about the place, someone else, or ourselves. We were able to not only see different cities, museums, monuments and shows, but also to get to know the people and their unique culture on each place.

We had planned this trip for 2 years, thus the realization was definitely exciting. In addition, to be able to share such an adventure with a friend was priceless. We did not follow any itineraries, so we had the freedom to go anywhere and to spend as much time as we wished in each country. So, we really had the opportunity to understand and appreciate the different cultures of each country we visited. Another important fact was that my job provided me with a laptop computer to keep working remotely and I had a chance to meet with European customers as I traveled. Also, since I have family in Europe, this trip allowed me to spend time with many of my relatives and to build a closer relationship with them. I will forever keep the memories and experiences I had during these three months. For all these reasons, I consider this trip another highly in my life.