The Politics of Transition in Uganda:is it in 2011

I was wondering if Ugandan people have become more mature and self actualised since independence or the introduction of contemporary democratic governance system where people chose the leader they want. However, since the coming into power of president Yoweri Museve Kaguta, change in government has had no room. Frankly, people have been able to practice the exercise of voting which is one of the fundamental principles of a democratic state.

The question which is still unanswered is wether Uganda shall experience political transtion come 2011 elections. The responses to this has been based lessons learnt from our African brothers, with three possibilities; if president Museveni leaves office and grants the social demands to influence the political systems, then individuals and groups may compete freely, if he decides to run for the 4th term then we are likely to end up in a Government of National Unity with no connection between the rulers and the ruled.

The undesired prediction is that, if he decides to retain power indirectly or directly, or by any means serious unrest is likely possible. Thus, shall we then look into the sky and say ‘God help us’,or wait until 2011?it is the right time to early warn ourselves upon realising the constants dynamics in politics. A peaceful transition shall save our nation, lessons have already been learn from Kenya and Zimbabwe. Are we going to have another Government of National Unity in Uganda?

Written by:
Otim Denis Barnabas