The Pay Gap between Genders Back in 1960s, President Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act into law, making it illegal to pay men and women employees in the same establishment different wages for substantially equal work. Even though federal laws protect women against discrimination, a pay gap persists. Women earn less than men in general. According to a study, “women employed full-time earn only 76.6 cents on average for each dollar earned by males by 2003” (Hughes 264). Masculine “ideal worker” norm lives in most of the high-reward occupations such as engineering and medicines. In contrast, female employees usually take the subordinate roles in the workforce, and these positions usually provide lower salaries. This inequality has been socially constructed, and it is caused by many forces including occupational segregation, “glass ceiling” and family responsibility.
What is a role model? According to The Oxford’s Dictionary Sports Science and Medicine, a role model is a person whose behavior and attitude conforms with that which society or other social groups expects of a person in his or her position, and who has become an example for others to copy. A true role model possesses the characteristics that affect a person to become better human being. There was a time when our role models were our neighborhood firefighters, policemen, and military veterans. These brave citizens are considered average men and women with death defying careers. A small percentage still see these people as role models but nowadays, most of our role models are actors, musicians, and athletes. These three career jobs are paid millions of dollars and are consistently covered on the internet, television, and radio. Even when celebrities think they are not being watched, someone is looking to imitate their actions.
THE SHELF LIFE OF MILK Introduction While there is little controversy over many aspects of product development, food quality issues and safety processes must be taken into consideration. Critical discussion of biotechnology and its application in the food marketplace has resulted in a firestorm of public debate, scientific discussion, and media coverage. The countries most affected by this debate are Middle Eastern and third world countries, who stand to reap the benefits of solving widespread starvation, and countries such as the United States. The world’s population is predicted to double in the next 50 years and ensuring an adequate food supply for this booming population is already a challenge. Scientists must meet the challenge through the production of food products that meet the highest quality issues and follow intense safety processes. Milk is an important food product that is an essential part of a healthy diet, although this product appears to have a relatively short shelf life once the container is opened. This paper will analyze the shelf-life of milk, taking onto consideration the quality issues surrounding safety in the milk-manufacturing process.
Ever since I was a young boy I had my eyes to the sky. This feeling started developing in me from such a young age, because in our house there was a model of an airplane that I always played with and comparing it to the real object I always see fly.
The first three decades of the 1900’s were the first time that the African American culture was taken seriously by the Caucasian community. Several factors, including the Plessy vs. Ferguson case which allowed racial segregation in 1896, led to what is known as the Great Migration. Job opportunities and far less amounts of racism were significant reasons for more than seven million African Americans moving to northern states. The concentration area of the Great Migration was Harlem in New York City. This district of New York was originally intended for white laborers who preferred to commute to the city rather than live there. The housing developers were over ambitious and had created far too much living space that white middle-class Americans were not interested in and as a result, the properties were sold to African American real estate agents who, in turn, rented the apartments out to black tenants. Between 1900 and 1920 the black population in Harlem had doubled and became known as “the Black Mecca” (
HOW DO PEOPLE REACT TO THE INJUSTICES THEY HAVE BEEN VICTIMS OF? Different people react to different injustices in different ways. Some react suddenly without thinking, others react while thinking of the consequences, while still others accept the facts and submit to them.
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William Faulkner’s short story “A Rose for Emily” provides clues that the reader can choose to acknowledge or ignore, but nowhere in the story does Faulkner clearly explain why Emily Grierson murdered Homer Barron. Faulkner has discussed the story, and did reveal that it was about how inhumanity toward people can lead to murder. This suggests that the inhumanity that Emily suffered, both at the hands of her father and at those of society, which is rarely kind to women that never marry, may have led to psychological scars that eventually prompted her to murder Homer. Faulkner’s insight into the story is a generalized one, that does not explicitly provide a motive for the murder, only a sense of the pain that might have affected Emily profoundly enough to make her agreeable to the idea of murder. This paper will explore the reasons and motives that led Emily to murder Homer, illustrating the factors that played a part in her actions.