Eyes to The Sky – Scholarship Essay

Ever since I was a young boy I had my eyes to the sky. This feeling started developing in me from such a young age, because in our house there was a model of an airplane that I always played with and comparing it to the real object I always see fly.

From that level as a small boy my curiosity was on the way the plane was made to fly many thousands of feet up in the sky, that is what lead me to pursue my interest in aviation.Then my first flight on a 727 was such a exciting time for me as a 6 years old.the captain invited me in the flight deck an I was in awe,and told the captain I want to be in yr shoes one day that’s my dream.then the next Christmas I got a u flight it toy and for the 70’s wasn’t a bad simulator let u sit with a card broad cock pit and take this plane off and land it.now as a adult I still look to the sky and have that passion in my eyes for flying.
I was a student who loved sports and aviation during my high school level and in 1981 I had honors in football and track after a hard work of practice and when my period as high school student was over I graduated with in the top of the class with a percentage of 10% and later on I joined the air force national guard in the year 1983 and served as a aerospace firefighter just to be close to those fighter jets. Back then there wasn’t flight schools as you have now for high school graduates to go to straight from high school,you had to have a degree and get in the air force to learn to fly. I attended Stphen F. Austin State University for two semesters,didn’t do for good,cause I didn’t take it very serious at the time. I currently work for a fbo in a position that has low pay but had to continue because I wanted to be next to the airplanes.
My aviation goals are to be a professional pilot for mesa airlines and my longterm goal is to be a captain for a major airlines flying 737 and 757 if possible. My short term educational goal is a associate degree in applied sciences in aviation technology and my long term goal would to get a bachelors in the same course..

I am a person who has been interested in aviationfor many years since playing is part of my hobby and I joined virtual airlines and have used flight simulator by microsoft for many years and logging in over 4000 hours.other hobbies I enjoy. included outdoor games like fishing and boating. Another hobbies which is very important to me is reading and writing poetry, this I do at my free time to express my emotions on paper. I am also involved in helping the needy and attending church where I regularly volunteer to help needy children. At the church also is where I am a big brother and work as a mentor.
My interests in aviation lead me to visit San Juan College so as to inquire on their provision of associate degree program and the cost of their education. I found out that I was in great need of up to 35000 since the program costs 97000 and due to the nature of my job which is low thus I cannot be in a position to pay for my education. During this time of inquiry I was booked for an interview on 15th of 2008 where I qualified and has been accepted in the school and in its flight programs.

For this reason I would like to request if I can be given a scholarship so as to pursue my career which for a long time I have dreamt of. This is being an instructor in the line of aviation because teaching has also been my concern in life interest due to the fact that I have always wanted to teach and give a best short to help learners. My teaching on aviation has been for places in higher institutions like university setting. I developed this interest because I was inspired by one lecturer who devoted his life to aviation and during his teachings people could understand every detail of his instructions. If you give me this opportunity to study I will also help others who may have a particular interest in an activity that will help them in life and in the process help others. All in all I am capable of working hard to reach the highest peak of studies in my life this include the highest level that would be provide for in Aviation Colleges.