The Civil War was bound to happen one way or another. The inevitability of the Civil War can be pin-pointed back to many issues that occurred during colonial times. Political, economic, and social problems
Ever since the arrival of our nation as a welfare state ,there has been immense controversy over antipoverty programs of both a universal and means-tested nature. Up until the last 20 years, issues of
Life follows a circular path. That is why history repeats itself. Let’s say just for arguments sake that the big bang theory is correct. Since the big bang theory the Earth has changed its face numerous
Socrates was indicted on two charges pertaining to corrupting the youth and introducing new religious or philosophical ideals. Socrates was ordered to drink hemlock as the form of his punishment. According to
Plato’s description of forms makes sense in the eyes of civilization and the process of education. If a prisoner sees nothing but shadows his whole life then he is raised to believe that life is a matter of shadows. With a proper introduction, into the world
Note from the author: "This was for my European Lit. class. We were suppose to pick a passage from Pride and Prejudice and write a mock passage for it." It was 2:30 in the afternoon, and two Northwood High students, Suzan and Charlie, were spending their free 7th period outside at the lunch tables. Charlie