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Pride and Prejudice Passage Mimick

Note from the author: “This was for my European Lit. class. We were suppose to pick a passage from Pride and Prejudice and write a mock passage for it.”

It was 2:30 in the afternoon, and two Northwood High students, Suzan and Charlie, were spending their free 7th period outside at the lunch tables. Charlie

decided that he wanted to do his European history homework because he had a test the next day. Suzan just sat next to him, staring.

While Charlie was doing his homework Suzan tried to start a conversation, but failed miserably.
“That is a huge book that you’re reading…you must be like uber smart!!” gasped Suzan.
“It is what all European history students must read Suzan.” Charlie curtly replied.

“You must mean like the life history, the real history. You must be the smartest in your class, because you write super neat!”
Charlie, however, did not reply. He just continued doing his homework.
“I like your pen too; the dice at the end of the pencil is like awesomely cute.”
Charlie gave Suzan a pointed look that obviously stated he was getting rather annoyed at this situation; nevertheless, Suzan took no heed.
“Look at the small birds, they’re small.” yelled Suzan, “They are small birds.”
“Yes, small birds.”
“You’re hand writing is neat, you know that. It’s like so neat you didn’t even have to use the lines on you’re paper! It takes such a long time to fill out a whole paper with notes and stuff! You’re so neat and smart!”
“Yes, it is tedious work, but it is work that I need complete. And furthermore, I like to be well organized and prepared for all my classes, as you commented before.” stated Charlie.
“WOW! It’s like you know what I’m thinking. I was thinking the exact same thing before you said anything. It’s like you’re psychic or something!”
He was silent.
“You know I was wondering, did you finish that essay we had in English. That really long essay. I mean, how could a teacher give out so much homework? And that math teacher, gosh! He just sat there and read his newspaper, he didn’t teach the class anything!”
“We do not have the delight of being in the same English class. And besides, I would believe that your mathematics teacher gave you a warm up then a test.”
“OH! It was a test! How could I forget? No wonder nobody said anything and it was so quiet, and I was wondering why everyone was like looking at me weirdly.”
“It seems so.”
“You know, you seem like the talkative type. And you’re such a fantastic conversationalist. We should do this often”
There was a slight pause.
“Perhaps” was the reply.
“OH MY GOSH that is such a wonderful idea.”
The bell suddenly rang, signaling the end of school and ending their “discussion”. Charlie packed up his belongings, said a civil good-bye to Suzan and walked off to his ride.