Circular Theory – Philosophy Essay

Life follows a circular path. That is why history repeats itself. Let’s say just for arguments sake that the big bang theory is correct. Since the big bang theory the Earth has changed its face numerous

times starting at the solidification of the earth’s surface. After the earth solidified organisms grew, and evolved into what we have today. Now before we can even touch on animal life we must look at the planet first. Earth solidified through upwelling and cooling of hot magma to form the crust after this formation took place everything was fine until the Ice Age came around. After the Ice age there was a mass warming on the earth, creating our present status, and earth will probably go out the way it came in Bang. Now there have been other anomalies to affect the earth such as volcanoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, the rise and fall of temperatures, and asteroids, but these are all a part of this continuous circle. Now like us, the earth is a living breathing organism, one that regenerates itself and heals itself, thus creating a circular pattern for its existence. This is a pattern that man has tried to figure out for centuries so that the fountain of youth would be possible.


I enjoy doing this, back to the circle theory again. Now, I know this is all inductive reasoning but I don’t really have any deductive formulas to test the conjectures of this theory. I leave that up to the mathematicians. Let’s see what else represents a circle in life??? I know how about the weather. The weather can be a continuous cycle such as you have dirt/dust on the ground that is picked up by the wind and that dust collects water molecules. Once the dust and water molecules become too heavy for the wind they drop in the form of rain/hale/sleet/snow, returning the dust to its previous state, dirt.


It is not impossible to find the fountain of youth, but there are too many factors in the world/universe to even be able to create a place of immortality. Let’s go back to the circle theory. Everything happens in a series but the series ultimately takes us back to where we started. Before life we do not know where we are, but after we are conceived all of the sudden we have spawned life. We live our life to the best we can following guidelines, rules, suggestions and our parents. Ultimately taking on our parent’s belief system and coincidentally passing it down to our kids as well. After we have lived our life we die and are once again back where we started from, not sure where that is, but none the less creating a circular pattern.


Life itself is formed through a circle. One cell in a human body, any cell take your pick, is in the shape of a circle. The sun, the moon stars, even the start of a new love is formed through a circle. In order to find love you must talk to someone and when you talk to that person you tend to have direct eye contact, also a circle. You have premarital sex and then you get married or you get married because you had premarital sex and now have a little mini you and her/him on the way. This, takes us back to the no life, life circle. Now let us take a look at the conception… Do you understand where I am going with this? Rhetorical, don’t answer that. Empty uterus until one of the fallopian tubes sends out an egg. Egg is in the uterus and coitus uninterrupted is performed spawning the millions of sperm to the egg. The sperm swim around, some not even coming close to the egg, but one lucky bastard, who is quite possible, made it to a circular dwelling. Now, once inside of this perfectly shaped circle it forms a single cell and that circular cell multiplies until you have a heart, also the shape of a circle, maybe a little deformed, but pretty much there. So, then you have this baby just chilling inside of another circle called the uterus, and the baby is born thus finishing the process of the circle that is precious to our species. Read, Rinse, and Repeat if desired.


Much like life, people tend to form circles in their every day life once we have found “direction”. Turning what was an exciting life into a very cumbersome and redundant existence. I have to laugh at this, because before we had a direction we had 3 things that were our drive as a species. These things were the most basic needs in order for us, the animal kingdom, to continue, Food/Water, Shelter, and Sex. Now we would have to eat, live somewhere, and have sex in order to continue this grand circle so we can find out why we are all here. Then the rules came and things changed and life has become a job. No longer something we can enjoy, but rather a chore for us to eat/drink, live in, and fuck. Now in order to eat/drink you need to have a job because you need money to buy the food and drinks you need to survive. Then comes the place to live, and this is a must because land is property of some one that in fact doesn’t actually own anything other than their body, but if you want to live you must find a domicile and pay this person. Now in order to have sex today you have to have a job so you can spend money on the girl that you want to have sex with. Not to mention you don’t want to be living out of a cardboard box and you would prefer to have food in the house because hunting after work is out of the question. So let me put this in a simpler fashion….

JOB >>>>> FOOD/DRINK >>>>>> DWELLING >>>>> SEX >>>>> JOB = CIRCLE

Now of course that is not always how it happens but for the most part it is true. Now the everyday life consists of waking up showering/not showering; you dirty bastard, getting dressed, eating breakfast/not, going to school/work/not doing anything; no sex for you, Eating Lunch/not, going home, watching TV/Playing Video Games; get a life, Eating dinner, taking a shower/not, having sex/flogging the dolphin/catching the vibe, then finally back to sleep, and waking up the next morning to start the same day. Hmmmmm, Sounds like fun to me. Where do I sign up to shoot myself? For those of you who prefer that I did it the other way:


Now the direction we head is pretty much one that makes us look completely insane. Like the ones we commit for walking in circles and banging their heads against a wall, at least they said screw it and did what we are all unconsciously doing. Crazy, I think not. I believe they are probably more intelligent than we are.

Now the one thing that is not a continuous loop is time. The time we have is short in comparison to the rest of the universe. So, what we do with our time is important to us. Who knows maybe time is a big loop and this whole universe is a clock waiting to reset itself. Wait a minute a clock. A clock goes from 12am to 12 pm then back to 12 am or 00:00:01 to 2400 thus completing yet again another circle. This could go on forever, the months, the days, even yes years. We won’t be here forever ladies and gentlemen and time will reset itself and another civilization will form, and they too will walk in circles. I am not saying that everyday is the same, but what I am saying is that your overall life will be one continuous vicious circle. All I ask is that you be happy with what you have or could have. There is no need to end your life sooner than needed and there is no reason to turn down things that make you happy. Happiness is the key to making that circle actually mean something in this rotating sphere that we live in. The fountain of youth is the children of tomorrow and the way we raise those children will greatly affect their happiness. The men and women who are or get married are subjected to happiness by the two of them completing two circles to create one, two, three, four….. As many offspring they should wish to have. To create life you are creating your very own circle and thus being as close to becoming an ultimate being as you could ever get. Playing god doesn’t mean you take some ones life, but rather that you can give life, and bring happiness to others. Your life and many others’s lives are revolved around the happiness of everyone.