Xbox 360 Technical Instructions

The electronic device I am writing about is the Xbox 360 made by Microsoft. The technical website that Xbox has is a very detailed one. ( The website has everything you could ever want or need

to know about your Xbox 360. It describes how to setup and trouble shoot the Xbox 360. It even goes as far to describe how to utilize the online multiplayer functions.

I find the website to be confusing in nature. It has very nice illustrations explaining some of the components of the Xbox 360. Other than having some good illustrations, the website can be very confusion to the novice gamer. The layout of the website is nice, but it has way too many links leading a person off another direction. There seems to be almost as much links as there is text in the pages. The warnings seem to be hidden among the text. The warnings lack the ability to jump out at a person. The warning should be highlighted in some way to grab the reader’s attention. The website seems to be lacking concise. It has a lot of wording that makes the reader lose interest. With the heavy wording, bundled up with way too many web links, the website looks very much cluttered.

Besides the nice illustrations, I find the website to be very confusing. The over abundance of web links can lead you astray. It reminds me of a bunch of rabbit trails leading off in every direction. Also the website lacks having back links inserted in support pages. This causes a person to have to close the page and find their way back to where they left off. If a person was familiar with technical stuff on the web, then this could not be a problem. But for the beginner, I guarantee that the person will have difficulty getting around.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 website is basically like all their other websites. In my opinion all Microsoft’s websites are full of confusion and lack being clean and concise. The one thing I do like about the site is the Macromedia drop down box on the left side of the web pages. I find this to be the only organized part of their site.

In conclusion, if I designed the site, I think that I would implement a flash video walking a person through the setup of the Xbox 360. This would allow a novice person to be able to setup their Xbox 360 with very little issues.