Short Essay on The History of Video Games – Gaming Essay
The History of gaming is wide and diverse. We can track the begining of modern gaming to the late 1970’s. A simple computer game known as pong became the new craze. It was a very simple game with two sticks and a ball. As simple as

it was however it soon caught on and became very popular. As video gaming technology advanced arcades became the new form of intertainment. These new hang out places made video games even more popular and a demand for hom consoles was the result. Atari answered with thier Atari 2600. This very primitive home consule filled children with wonder and joy. How could it get better they thought? It was not long before a Japanese company called Nintendo came about. Around the same time Nintendo also produced the worlds first hand held video game system which was called the Game Boy. over the years video games have advanced to the point where home consules are all C.D. operated and are esentialy small computers. Arcades have fallen out of favor as you might imagine. Some still reamin though. I hope that this short essay has helped you to gain some apriciation for how video games have impacted our world as we know it today.