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Why I Want To Be A Teacher – Creative Writing Essay

Why I Want To Be A Teacher – Creative Writing Essay
I think that the first thing one must do in order to understand what does it mean to assist someone in teaching a language is to realize that it is a process in which people exchange not simply a vocabulary or a

grammar, but also a particular way of thinking and living. Thus this said, I think I would accomplish a great role as a teacher assistant not only because I feel an unfeigned disposition for teaching my native language, but also because I do feel an authentic desire for learning from the people I would be trying to instruct. Hereby this becomes a fulfilling experience in which both teacher and students participate, bringing to every day life the kind of valuable knowledge that is necessary to incorporate a language into a student’s mind by sharing the views of reality that may arise during a class.
As I just mentioned, a language implies special ideas about the world, the people and almost every different aspect of life: it is not solely a conglomerate of words sorted in a special order. When a person teaches a language, he also gives a part of his culture and a teacher is expected (should also be encouraged) to be heedful enough to receive from his students their particular points of view and knowledge. I like to think of myself as a person open for the dialog and the experiences of the individuals I alternate with, thus creating a suitable environment for teaching and learning an idiom.

As a law student and former member of an association destined to the diffusion of constitutional law, I’ve had a background in teaching particular subjects and seminars of constitutional rights, and I may say that teaching has been a very rewarding experience I have enjoyed very much; one can only imagine how gladdening it would be to teach such a vital subject as my own language to other persons, specially if they are from different cultures than mine.

Finally, I would like to say that I consider teaching my language in a foreign country as a priceless opportunity that I would know how to make most out of it, and also I am a very respectful person concerning the periods of time one agrees to commit in any duty and also I have the maturity to face any situation that it may rise at any given eventuality.