White Fang – Book Review

White Fang is a Fictional story that was written by Jack London. This book is based in the late 1800’s, in the Canadian territory of Yukon, during the Klondike Gold Rush. I decided to read this book because I thought I would be something that

interested me. Which it did I enjoyed reading this book not only because you never knew what was going to happen next and it kept you wanting to know the out come.

The book starts off w/ two stories that eventually come together as one. White Fang, who is ¾ wolf and ¼ dog, has a lot of challenges after his mother is taken from him when he was just a puppy. He has to deal with people that never show him affection, to cruel people who hurt him till he finally finds someone who loves him and treats him good and takes care of him but he is put threw a lot before he gets there.

He starts off living with Grey Beaver who took his mother from him and when he tried to follow and go with his mother he was beaten to learn what grey beaver thought was a lesson. Grey Beaver is an Indian who used white fang as a working dog. Mit-sah who was Grey beaver son was in charge of training white fang to be a working dog, so from the time he was a puppy they trained him to work. Later on Grey Beaver gets an alcohol addiction and one day trades white fang just so he can get some whiskey.

Beauty Smith who traded White fang using trickery and alcohol was a cruel man and wanted white fang because he thought he could make him money by being in dog fights. He was very mean to white fang because he wanted to make him vicious so he would jab in with a stick and leave him in a small cage and not feed him. Soon he got him to where he was a vicious animal that no one could be around and he had him fighting and killing dogs. One day white fang was fighting a bulldog named Cherokee, and it was the first dog that had dominated white fang and almost killed him until a man named Weedon Scott came in and broke it up. He then pays Smith off and threatens to have him thrown in jail and then takes white fang with him.

Weedon Scott is a patient and compassionate man who is from southern California. He takes white fang with him to be his dog but it takes a while for white fang to warm up to him because he is so used to being beaten and abused that he is still a vicious dog. After time with Scotts compassion towards white fang he soon learns to appreciate a human being and show them love and affection. Soon Weedon Scott realizes he must return home to California. Since he knows he can’t take white fang back with him he leaves him in the cabin. When they arrive to the ship to go home they see white fang sitting on the deck and figure he must have jumped out the window and followed them and snuck on the boat. Then Scott realizes the dedication that white fang has towards him so he decides just to take him home with him. Once the get to California they can tell white fang is very nervous because he is hearing new sounds and seeing things he has never seen before when he was in the wild. He had a lot of problems at first because things he could once do he couldn’t anymore. He soon warmed up to the family and got used to be a domesticated dog.