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We Are Not Here To Hate One Another – Creative Writing Essay

We Are Not Here To Hate One Another – Creative Writing Essay
The lady was pouring with tears. She wiped her lashes and spoke with grief, “They are beasts. It is insult to humanity to call them human beings. Those who kill innocent people are animals”. The camera moved from the tearful lady and moved towards the scene where the blood and human flesh was scattered everywhere. Destruction and barbarism were omnipresent. The head and clothes of

the volunteers were blood stained. The dead bodies were present on streets, foot paths and stairs. The people watching the scene were scared. The camera focused the reporter. The reporter wiped his eyes and lamented, “These were the deadliest explosions in the history of London after the World War II. As Americans can not forget 9/11, 7/7 has been imprinted on the hearts of every Londoner. These blood stains can not be washed even by the water of seven seas”, and the reporter started crying. Everyone was having wet eyes. The reported was right. The words of the British leady were true. The views from the camera covering blood, flesh and wounded were true. 7/7 was a day of barbarism, insult to humanity and terrorism. No doubt, the persons killing innocent people are animals, they are beast and disgrace to the mankind.

No sensible person in the world, none having a human heart, none with a belief in humanity and mankind would justify the 9/11 or 7/7 acts. No conscientious and sensible person would favour such actions. The killing whether of a white or black, of a Christian or a Muslim, Iraqi or an American, it is simply killing. Terrorism in any part of the world is terrorism. It is disgrace for humanity and murder of civilization. There can never be a second opinion. However, with all this in view, we have to decide whether human beings only live in London. Are only those people innocent who live in New York, London or Tel Aviv? Is the dead body of only a white man, Tom, Dick or Henry, respectable? Are only Tim, Jim and Bush human being? And anything done against only these people is terrorism. Are only explosions in Central London barbarism? It is the point to ponder whether only American and British mothers may be called mothers, only white and red children be called children. Are only English speaking people human beings? Only the screams from the red lips are real, the pain affects only white skin, only western people suffer. It has to be decided whether Afghan blood is blood or not, the dead bodies in Najaf, Mosul and Baghdad are human bodies or not? The mothers living in Gaza and West Bank are mothers or not? The children in Sudan are not human children, the screams emanating from the Guantamo Bay are not human screams. Just think, where was the humanity, when American bombers bombed at a marriage ceremony in Afghanistan, when a whole village was destroyed and there were 300 dead bodies of innocent elder people, women and children and the Pentagon simply announced that it was a ‘Mistake”. Believe it! the highest number of handicaps are living in Afghanistan, which is also known as the largest graveyard of human beings, today not a single Afghani is there who has not seen blood stained human bodies or who has not put a body in grave or who has not seen a wounded relative passing his last breathes in his arms. Whether they are the Torabora hills or the blind walls of the Fort Jangi, each and every inch of Afghanistan is an eyewitness to the American barbarism, terrorism and inhuman acts. It is to be questioned where was the humanity when innocent Afghans were tightly filled in containers and the containers were kept in the desert; when the death was hovered over Baghdad; when millions of tons of explosives were thrown over Mosul and Najaf; when the Iraqi women were kidnapped and their naked bodies were found in the desert; when the dogs were unleashed on human beings in the Abu Gharib prison; when the human faces were masked with underwears; when the human beings were forced to drink human blood; when the innocent faces were rubbed with shit; when the woundeds were thrown among deads; and when innocent people were bound with electric wires and forced to stand. Where were the human activists, human rights commissions and the civilization philanthropists when every house in Palestine was digging graves for its dwellers; when infants were being blown with guns; when the villages as a whole were being bulldozed and when kids were being handed over to their mothers with explosives attached to their bodies. Where were all the cameras and the reporters; where were all these tears and screams; why these people did not think at that moment that the death is terrible for every human being. Why people forget that the pain and blood have no religion, no cast and no theology. These are simply human bodies and human screams. It is difficult to understand why these people do not try to understand the emotions behind the actions. These people still designate the Palestinians, Iraqi and Afghans’ deaths as insignificant deaths; muslim bodies as low value bodies while American and British deads are significant and of higher value. Why these people differentiate between an Afghani mother and a British mother. Why don’t they treat an aggressor as aggressor and a grieved as a grieved person.

The world can never be the same again unless we start respecting human beings; respect others and be respected. There is no second class citizen on this planet. Every human being is a first class citizen of this world. If America has a right for pre-emptive strike, so do the others. We have to learn from the fate of the League of Nations. Now UN is being forced to follow the same path. We all have to work hard to make this earth a part of the Heaven. Why only those people have to fight who believe in the Divine religions. God never created human beings to hate each other.