The Story of John Williams – Creative Writing Story

The Story of John Williams – Creative Writing Story
It was a dark evening, darker than usual, when John Williams decided to take his horse Rusty for a ride through the forest. He put on his dark robe and his hat, and left for the forest. After a long ride, a loud thunder boom almost knocked John off of his horse. Night was approaching rapidly, and after he felt the first weak raindrops of the brewing storm, he knew that

he must head home. He motioned Rusty to take the cobblestone path to the left to head home. John was fairly confident of his location, but wasn’t exactly sure where he was. He was too stubborn to admit he was lost so he continued on the path, hoping to find his way.

Out of the corner of his eye he caught a bright white light far off to the left. He decided to approach it, for he had never thoroughly explored this area before. When he veered off course and toward the light, he discovered a large mansion. The mansion was oddly white considering the shingles were old and rotting. As the rain drops grew larger and more frequent, he decided to head back on the path home. However, a low moan drew him closer to the house. Curiosity decided to take over, he just had to know what that sound was. He tied up his horse, took off his robe, and dove into the lake. The noise sounded louder this time as he pulled himself out of the moss-filled water. It sounded like an innocent person was being tortured; it was unlike any sound he had heard before in his life.

He pushed open the door and stepped into the house. It was dark, but bright enough to make out some small details of the main room. Several pieces of dusty furniture sat, and the floor was filled with large holes. But the noise was coming from upstairs, and John carefully stepped up the creaking stairs. When he arrived at the top he quietly moved toward the source of the noise. Voices started talking in John’s head, he was wondering if he should go for more help. John knew it was too lat to turn back now so he pushed open the last door at the end of the hall and stepped inside to the most horrifying sight he had ever seen. John was so scared he couldn’t even speak.

That following morning was bright and sunny. It was quite damp and the two young boys were walking through the forest. As they past the lake on their walk something black caught their eye. They walked up to it and picked it up. It was a black robe, and they had no idea where it could have come from. So they picked it up, and dusted it off. Then they threw a rock into the sun’s reflection in the empty lake. Its calm clear water rippled, and they walked away.