Open University Malaysia – Graduate School Essay

I was born in Tawau, Sabah in 1972. I attended my primary and secondary school in Tawau, Sabah before continuing my education at Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur in 1991.

Upon graduation in 1996, I joined American International Assurance Company Ltd (AIA), Kuala Lumpur and was assigned to the Group Management Department as an Administration Executive. I have been working with AIA until June1999 and decided to left Kuala Lumpur after secured a job as Administrator in Expojuta Trading Sdn Bhd in Kota Kinabalu. In March 2002, I left Expojuta Trading Sdn Bhd and formed Bluetech Sdn Bhd, a company dealing with telecommunication products and services. In 2004, I bought over Pinnacle Communications Sdn Bhd and it become 100% fully own subsidiary of Bluetech Sdn Bhd. I was too concentrated and focus on my career at that time until I didn’t complete my full course under the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators.

I was married in 2002 and had a child at the age of five now.

During my semester break, I always strive to improve myself by taking various part time jobs in Kuala Lumpur as I believe that working experience gained from corporate world would be able to keep me in touch with the latest business trends and movements so as not to lag behind. In addition, I took up a correspondence course from Chung Hwa Correspondence School in Taiwan in 1994 and completed four subjects at their Department of Commerce. I was a student in The Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administrators since 1993 and completed 16 subjects.

I take an active role in various societies in Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman. I was elected as Vice Chairman in Sabah & Sarawak Students Society in 1991/92. I provide many assistance to students especially those who are from Sabah and Sarawak in term of accommodation and transportation arrangement. I was a member of The Fund Raising Sub-Committee in Business Management Society in 1994/95. As a member of the Fund Raising Team, I learned how to work as a team and different method of fund raising.

Being a young entrepreneur in order to stay competitive and responsive in today’s changing business world, I need to continually enhance my managerial skills and update my industrial knowledge. After well-thought out, I decided to pursue Master Of Business Administration programme (MBA) offer by Open University Malaysia. In order to gain entrance to the said programme through open entry, I was required to prepare a Portfolio Assessment.

I believe that learning is a life long process and should not end after leaving school. After several years working in managerial level, I realized and concluded that I need integrating skills in my personality as well as in the work I do. I am confident that I can gain business decision making skills and turning my business concepts into realities through MBA programme. As the programme is flexible, I can study at my own pace without having to put my business or career on hold.

I believe my working experience and former education do qualify me for the programme.
I am self discipline, innovative, proactive and able to manage my time well. I proud myself as few local operators who providing encrypted two way radio communications network to users in Sabah since 2004.

I plan to complete this programme in two years. I would like to see myself be more professional competence after two years.


After graduation, I have been working with American International Assurance (AIA), the most trusted insurance company in Malaysia according to the survey conduct by Time and Fortune magazines. I have been assigned to lead Billing Section and supervise a team of five clerical staffs. I learned how to manage departmental backlog, administrative procedures and to ensure day to day operation of the Billing Section are productive and efficient. In 1997, I was awarded a special salary adjustment in recognition to my positive contributions to the Company. After returned to Sabah in July 1999, I worked as Administrator in a trading company where I can see a better picture of managing business as a whole. I learned marketing strategies, account and administration procedures as well as policy making. Being an Administrator, I worked with my team to complete four years company account within three months and get it ready for audit. I further introduced and implement computerize credit control system in order to enhance debtors control and minimize bad debts.

I always wanted to start my own business in technology related industries. After acquiring necessary business network, management and marketing skills, in 2001, I formed Bluetech Sdn Bhd, a company specialize in providing telecommunication products and services. I acquired Pinnacle Communications Sdn Bhd in 2004 as both Bluetech and Pinnacle Communications offering similar services in Sabah. I have three staffs work together with me to manage the company.

I provide two way radio and walkie-talkie services to users in Sabah. I found that Global System for Mobile (GSM) network coverage in Sabah generally is still very limited especially in the remote area for example in Kuamut ,Pinangah and Tongod. As such, two way radio communication networks will able to close this gap and providing alternative way of communication to the users.

I planned to further improve my existing two way radio communication network in Sabah to become multisite roaming in late 2008 in order to enhance network flexibility.

As for oversea expansion program, I planned to set up a repeater station at Philiphine in year 2009 as we are geographically near to each other and necessary resources are readily available. Further more, the demand for alternative way of communication is huge and the market is still untap.

I decided to take up Master Of Business Administration offer by OUM as I believe this programme will be able to enhance my strategic decision making skill and reinforce my organizational skills. With this programme, it will give me the competitive edge to go far in my future business development. I am confident that I will be able to complete this programme within two years.