UMASS Graduate School MBA Questionaire

UMASS Graduate School MBA Questionaire

1.How do you compare this MBA Graduate Program to others you have seen?

I’m not very familiar with other MBA programs. However, since the MBA at UMASS is offered through an accredited college of business, I assume that the curriculum is very similar to other accredited schools.

2.What are the specific problems you see here?

Many students complain that the program does not offer a bigger selection of core courses during each semester, and that courses offered in the fall are not repeated in the spring. Also, classes fill quickly and are very large due to fewer professors.

3.What are the specific strengths you see here?

I feel that being an accredited school is a definite strength. I also appreciate that UMASS offers a variety of electives to supplement the MBA. This allows students to concentrate in a particular area of study. Lastly, many resources are available to students, including an extensive library network.

4.How do you feel about web-based MBA’s?

I feel that having some web-based classes would be a good experience for students, however I don’t think that it should be all web-based. I feel that you can still learn more in a classroom-setting, and I, personally, wouldn’t want to be at a computer for so many hours.

5.How do you feel about satellite campus for the MBA program?

I think that would be an excellent idea because many students live far away from campus. It would be very convenient for them to go to class at an alternate location, perhaps closer to home, and still receive the same quality of education.

6.How do you feel about tele-video for the MBA program?

Similar to web-based classes, I feel that some tele-video would be beneficial. It is an excellent way to transmit new concepts to students.

7.How do you feel about adjunct faculty?

I feel that it would definitely be helpful in managing a large student volume, especially when the school’s own faculty is going through a transition period. For instance, as in the case of UMASS Dartmouth, professors will be in short supply after a series of retirements fails to be immediately succeeded by new faculty members. In this case, adjunct faculty could be used in the interim.

8.How many faculty took early retirement?

I don’t know the exact number of professors who retired, but I do know that it was enough to cause a much higher capacity utilization among the remaining professors. To make matters worse, the school has also built new dorms and experienced an influx of new students. A now crippled faculty has to stretch its limited resources over a larger student body. As a result, faculty and students suffer, alike.

9.How would you resolve the issue of large class sizes in future years?

A combination of adjunct faculty and satellite campuses would help prevent large class sizes in future years.