Summary of The Giver – Book Reviews
The book Giver is about life without color, war, fear, or pain. Everything is under control. There are no choices. Everybody is assigned a role in the community. Everybody in the community is given a job when they turn 12. When

Jonas turns 12 he is going to receive special training from the Giver. The Giver will take Jonas through the pain and the pleasure of life. Now it’s time of Jonas to receive the truth. There is no turning back. I recommend this book because it is unique and different.

“The Giver” is a futuristic science fiction novel set in a utopian society. In Jonas’s community, there are no feelings, no hunger, no inequalities, and no pain. Everything is created to be equal. Every family unit is uniform and prescribed according to the community leaders. Each member of the community is given their profession when they turn twelve. Jonas is selected to become the receiver of memory. As he trains with the Giver, he realizes the truth of the community he lives in. The people of the community do not get to feel love, true happiness, of any of the god qualities of life. On the other hand, they do not feel any of the negative aspects either. They live in a colorless society. Those who do not live up to the standards of this Utopian society are quickly “released”. Jonas later finds out that this release process is equivalent to that of death. He decides that it is up to him to return what has been taken from the members of the community. With the help of the Giver, Jonas escapes from the community, which will result in the release of all memories to the community. This memory release process initiates the community members to previously unfelt feelings of pain, famine, war, as well as human differences, love, and happiness. The resolution of this science fiction novel is up for debate and ultimately depends upon the discretion, opinion, and interpretation of each individual reader.