Society and Teen Drug Use – Health Essay

Society and Teen Drug Use – Health Essay
People rarely escape the topic of drugs because they are everywhere in society; from television to magazines, from movies to radio and from social issues to public concerns. Teens are the ones most bombarded by drugs

and drug paraphernalia because they are the ones targeted by dealers and traffickers. The dealers and traffickers get the leader of a group of teenagers hooked on drugs and use him/her to steer other teens towards drugs. The leader embraces anyone who does drugs and shuns anyone who does not, which forces teens to think that they need drugs to be popular.

The dealers and traffickers also seek out unpopular teenagers and convince them that drugs are a quick answer to their social problems. To add to the pressure, many admired musicians place drugs into their songs, and several well-liked actors and actresses have roles in movies that contain drug usage. In fact, some of the musicians and actors are addicts themselves, which just furthermore impairs teens about making the right choices in relation to drugs and persuades them to do drugs to be “cool” like the actors.

We as a society must put and end to drug use and abuse. It ruins the user’s life by forcing the user to spend all their money on their horrible addiction. Once the user is out of money, they resort to stealing — which boosts up the crime rates and makes our society an unsafe place to live and work. Drugs that are injected into the user’s body via a needle help the spread of sicknesses such as the AIDS virus and Hepatitis B. To put an end to the flow of drugs, the government should raise the consequences on trafficking, possession and dealing drugs. To stop the increase of drug addicts the government should thoroughly educate teens on drug use and abuse, what drugs can to do a user’s body and how drugs consume a user’s life. Therefore peer pressure should be stopped because it can manipulate teenagers into drugs which will ruin their lives.

Teens all over the world face hardships and obstacles that they must overcome in order to succeed in life. These obstacles can come in any form, but for teens in Canada, it comes as peer pressure. Peer pressure is the problem of many teenaged Canadians for it can control the actions of unwilling teenagers and force them to make bad decisions that will haunt them for the rest of their lives. To let teens succeed in life peer pressure must be stopped.

Peer pressure must be stopped because it causes the problems of numerous teenagers all over Canada, everywhere in North America and around the world. If peer pressuring someone into a bad lifestyle could be put to an end, then the world would be a better place because there would be a lot less negative influence on developing minds. Peer pressure turns perfectly good, intelligent people into drug addicts, criminals, bullies and gang members. How would you feel if peer pressure turned your child into a drug addict?