Sex is Wanted by Women Just as Much as Men: Two Authors’ Research

While reading these articles, Roberts (2002) and Salis (2008) spoke on the subject of women wanting sex just as much as the man. When a woman is interested in a man sparks will fly, but if she is not interest in the man chances are she will likely not want to be bothered with him. In general it seems as if women think about sex or love talking about sex openly. Woman who can never reach an orgasm will more likely have a disinterest in sexual encounters. Women love foreplay, because of the intimacy that is involved. Women love to be touched, flirted with, and for someone to make them laugh that makes the women feel sexy. If most men did not act like an animal towards women, but worked on getting the woman aroused it would make the encounter more enjoyable for the woman.

The tone in Roberts (2002) article had an even tone with her language all the way through. Her words come across with thought and meanings of truth. Roberts (2002) vaguely talks about masturbating with herself for pleasure when not in a relationship. Roberts (2002) states, “Personally, I enjoy sex almost everyday, if not several times a day. It’s difficult if you have kids at home, but there is always a way for creative sex. When I’m not in a relationship, I generally masturbate at least three times a week. I often fantasize about what sex would be like with a stranger that has caught my eye. Yes, I enjoy talking about sex, having sex and thinking about sex, as much as men. Yes, I’m a woman that loves sex” (para.7).
The language expressed in Salis’s (2008) article is aggressive and straight to the point a quite bit rougher than Robert’s language. Salis’s (2008) tone speaks up for the women that may be afraid to talk about sex comfortably. According to Salis, (2008), “sometimes I feel like I am a pervert or something, because I am always thinking about my boyfriend, and what we did the night before. I openly admit my desires, and in general my dirty thoughts. I am not shy, so why deny what I think, feel, or want?” (para. 2).
Author Roberts (2002) words of evidence starts with the belief she has that women can be more selective and they can make the ultimate choice of when and who they want to sleep with. According to Robert’s, (2002), “the sexier a man makes a woman feel, the more he will arouse her desire to please him sexually. Worship her every feminine feature. Buy her a piece of beautiful lingerie you’d love to see her wear. Satisfying her emotional and intellectual desires increase your chance for more experimental sex. When a woman feels safe, she is more likely to open up and explore new sexual adventures” (para. 5).
Author Salis’s, (2008) states, “sex just isn’t a physical sensation. Sex is like comforting, exciting, relaxing, and fun. Sex is a wonderful stress reliever and great exercise, if you are doing it right! The emotional sensations are equally as wonderful as the physical sensations. Why wouldn’t women want sex often? If you are not doing something right, that could be the cause. If you are the man reading this, and you are thinking ‘Yeah, my wife doesn’t even like sex,’ You should do a little extra grooming, and try a new technique or approach” (para 3).
Roberts (2002) talked about some personal issues that probably influenced her. The talk about masturbating, and women having orgasms seems like it was a great influence to her. Robert’s, (2002), “states woman ovulating have the highest rate of promiscuity, especially when in a relationship. These are the women you find revealing the most skin while sending the most sexual signals through movement. There are forty percent of women that say they have never fully enjoyed sex. Can this be changed? With women becoming more open about their sexuality, I think there is a good chance” (para 1).
The influences that Salis (2008) brought about were one her own sex drive. Another influence came from her questioning men about their sexual life’s and desires. According to Salis (2008),” I have heard that men think about sex every so many seconds, but I have also heard from as many men that isn’t accurate. I think a few guys who are like that have given men in general a bad image. Adult males are normally intelligent, and capable of thoughts other than sex, the same as women” (para 4). Salis gathered information from several resources that influenced the article and along with her own thoughts put together a well stated article.
The perception I received from Robert’s (2002) is that her writing was honest and open to anyone who would read her article. When Robert’s stated that having sex everyday would be fine that shows that her perception is that she really is not afraid to share her feelings openly without shame. According to Roberet’s (2002),” sex is meant to be fun with both people being pleased before the gyration ends. Women need foreplay, it makes them climax easier. For women sex is emotional not just physical. Stimulating your woman emotionally means more intense orgasms. Women are also more likely to have multiple orgasms when there is a strong emotional connection associated with the physical attraction” (para 6).
Ms. Salis (2008) perception was slightly different from the first article. Salis thinks that sex is to be enjoyed, and explored. Salis (2008) clearly says that women are just as needed for sex as men are, they just hold back because they are afraid of what others will think or say. According to Salis (2008),”I think men and women are probably equal when it comes to wanting sex, maybe men in general are just more vocal about it. In our society, with all of our double standards it is not as socially acceptable for women to express their sexual desires. If a woman does admit that she enjoys and desires sex, generally she is called unkind names I won’t print here. At the same time, a man is expected to think with his penis, and it is completely fine, and maybe even respected.
Too know how women really felt about sex would be a treat. Women like to play the innocent role, but you know that most men see right through that. Women hold the key to any sexual encounter that will take place, so now knowing how they feel is a plus. I know if the majority of men knew what a woman wanted or how she felt he would be up to the challenge of fulfilling her every desire. Women wanting sex as much as men does not surprise me, but the fact that they rather not talk about is troubling. How does that woman that has never reached that orgasm ever going to if she does not speak out about the way she feels. In closing I would like to encourage you women that are shy to open up, and do not be afraid because a closed mouth never gets action.

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