What is Senior Epilepsy – Health Research Paper

What is Senior Epilepsy – Health Research Paper
Senior Epilepsy has just become a common thing in seniors in the past ten or so years. Epilepsy it self isn’t deadly but it can be in some situations. Most people that have epilepsy or that know someone that

does really don’t understand what it is. Basically it is when an elderly person becomes confused, dizzy or kind of forgets things that seem obvious. People around this can think that it is just something that is happening because they are getting old and that’s what happens when your old. Well, that may not be what is happening (healthology).

Epilepsy in seniors is becoming more common all the time, around eighty to one hundred and twenty three cases in every one hundred thousand people. Though this sounds low, Alzheimer’s affects about one hundred and two people for every one hundred thousand so it’s fairly high (healthology).

Symptoms of epilepsy are very noticeable. They can be anything from confusion to passing out in front of you. Other things can be brief but non normal gaps while they are talking in a conversation. The most noticeable thing is when a senior will be walking across a room and then just pass out and fall over. When this happens u should try and lay them on their side so that way their tongue is out of the way of the air passage. You shouldn’t worry at this point they will always start to breath again even though it is very nerve racking. After doing this you should call the police and they will send more help for you. Sometimes you will be carrying on a very normal conversation with someone with senior epilepsy and while they are talking they just stop for no apparent reason. This may be for a second or two or up to a full minute. The only thing you can really do in this situation is pretty much snap them out of it. Other than that you are helpless at doing anything for them (epilepsy1).

There are ways you can protect people with seizures. Putting padding around the corners of tables and chairs is a smart thing to do in case of a fall. A type of code could also be useful for your neighbors. Say opening the blinds and then shutting them at a certain time of the day will let them know that you are still ok (epilepsy1).

Since you can not feel anything during a seizure you have to take extra precautions to make sure your safer in the case that u have a seizure. Probably the best thing that you can do is not smoke. Smoking leads to other worse health problems anyway and if you have a seizure while smoking you could actually suck the cigarette into you mouth which would cause very bad burns. Also having a seizure while smoking could cause a fire is the cigarette lands on something flammable which wouldn’t be good (epilepsy1).

People who have had a seizure should keep the water levels in the bathtub low. In the case that the person has a seizure the body could sink down into the water and then you would just breathe in water and drown. It is recommended that a shower is taken if the person has the energy to do so (epilepsy1).

If you have a fire place always keep a screen in front of it. In the case that you pass out and fall you are going to want something to keep you from falling into the fire. You should also never carry the hot ashes of a fire to the trash can. You falling on them could result in very serious burns which would not be very good. You should also try not to play in the fire while you have senior epilepsy. This can be dangerous on its own little lone with u right next to it poking at it with some type of stick (epilepsy1).

Though it may not taste as good try to use a microwave instead of a stove for cooking your food. This will be much better for the food to become cold in the microwave while your passed out rather than it keep cooking and maybe start a fire in your kitchen. This is also safer for you in case you would happen to fall over onto the hot stove. Since they have no device to turn off when a timers not set you could be what’s cooking dock (epilepsy1).

Try to keep the water temperature on the water heater low enough that its still warm but not hot enough to scald you. This will be much better in low level bathtub waters and wont turn you into a soggy mess. It is always good to keep the temperatures low for when your just washing dishes to so not to scald your self (epilepsy1).

Seniors with senior epilepsy sometimes have mood swings seem depressed, or can’t remember things. This may not be because they are getting old. Seniors who are being treated for epilepsy may become like this because of the toxicity in some of the medications they have to take. This is because it takes longer for them to process the medication and get rid of it from their bodies (epilepsy1).

Seniors being treated may also be taking other medicines besides the ones for epilepsy. If this is the case then those other medications may interact with the epilepsy medication. This can cause negative side affects or can reduce the good of the medicine. Different epilepsy drugs can interact with each other to causing the medication not to work properly. Doctors are responsible for taking you off medications that can react with the epilepsy medication and might advise you not to take them any more or switch you to a different kind (epilepsy1).

Driving is another big issue with epilepsy. In the occasion that you were to pass out while driving would be a very bad thing. Depending on what state you are in will decide on how long you are to be with out a license. You will always get your license taken away for a brief period of time. This is just for safety precautious. It is usually anywhere from three months to one year. After this period of time you will return to the doctor and then will be decided if you are able to drive. In the case that you can’t, moving to an apartment complex or neighborhood with transportation is advised (epilepsy1).

There are many different medications out there for epilepsy but some are better than others and choosing which one you would like your doctor about is hard. Once you start taking the medication you should never over dose or skip a medication taking. There are many ways to not forget to take your medication. Try using divided, labeled pill containers. If you cant find one with the right label simply label it your self. It isn’t so hard to just get some tape and put it on a plastic container telling you when you can take it. Try wearing a wrist watch with a timer set to go off when you are to take you pills. This is probably the easiest as long as you can still hear fairly well. Simply make taking your medication routine. Take the pill to the breakfast table or to supper with you that way you know to take it. Make a schedule of when to take your pills. Just like your children did with their chores this will remind you what your suppose to take and when to take it (epilepsy2). People can have a hard time dealing with epilepsy. Loved ones should always be there for them when they need it but try not to push them to much for it will make them feel helpless about their selves. Seniors should also talk to their doctors about any problems they have with the epilepsy it self and with the medication that goes along with it. Even though it may seem very hard, dealing with epilepsy isn’t as bad as it sounds. It can be very frustrating at times but remember that it can pass if you treat it right (epilepsy2).