No Title Yet – Short Story for Creative Writing
As Pip lived his life as an adult in the adult world, he also lived in the exact way this poem warns not to. The poem’s themes: love, finance, and regret are present in Pip’s life. Pip continues to ignore the advice he is given and receives the consequences. Pip realizes these consequences and learns from his mistakes. As a person grows older, one realizes their own past mistakes caused

by the simple ignorance of wise advice. Pip is constantly helping out others. Pip helps especially Herbert and Magwitch, whom he would do anything for.

Herbert, his best friend, becomes in debt, and quickly Pip attempts to clear it. Eventually, he gets him a job. A great example of Pip’s helpful and loyal lifestyle is his dedication to Magwitch, who he dislikes in the beginning, but then grows fond of Magwitch. Pip helps his friends as far as feeling that he has to run away with Magwitch. When Pip realizes that Magwitch is his benefactor, he feels guilty and stops spending Magwitch’s money. Once Magwitch came to his home, he felt that he had to help him, even thought he might have been less gentlemanly. To Pip, this did not matter. He still decided to have him free from the police and then part ways from him. As Pip felt more affectionate to the convict, he decides that he has to escape with him, to help him with anything he would need. He spent all of his money on Magwitch and planned a boat escape.

Herbert also receives a benefit from Pip. Pip feels that he has left Herbert in debt by spending money, and he plans to give him a job.