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Role Models

Role models are people who you look up to or inspire you. Such as Sport Players, Singers, Actors and or Actress, and family Members. My Role models are my two Cousins Kimberly and Mary, I look up to them and they inspire my very much. They help me with anything I need such as School work and problems I have in my life. To them they are not perfect but from me they are easily perfect. They help me learn form my mistakes and help me with ones I going through.

They are goofy and silly. They are smart and pretty. When I grow up I want to be such like them they inspire me with everything they do even walking. They are my heroes they make me feel like I am the coolest person in the world and I think they are. They never ignore me no matter how annoying I get.

They are the nicest people in the world and no matter how not perfect they think they are they are perfect in all my books with everything they do.

They don’t live close to me and I don’t get to see them very often so every chance I get its like Christmas to me. They I have no idea what they mean to me. They mean the world. I would do anything for them. They have made me so happy and I love seeing them so much. Sometimes they might think I hate them but I never do.

They can make me smile no matter what my mode is. I love everything about them is kind of scary. they are my best friends and they are easy to talk to. I love them with all my heart and I don’t know what I would do with out them in my life.