The Purpose of Life

Life is a big trap. As the great philosopher Hume once said that we are put on the big stage of life, being concealed from why everything happens. We have no wisdom to foretell the future, nor can we prevent those unfortunate things from happening. We are suspended in the eternal air of unknown and fear.

We don’t know why our lives began. It’s out of our control. One day, our parents came together and said to each other, why don’t we have a baby? Then, a baby was done. Our lives may be just an accident at the very beginning. We don’t know the purpose of our lives. You may imagine you are the chosen people of the God, but you can never know for sure.

Every day, there are people who choose to commit suicide out of pain of living. It’s said that there’s a heaven after here, and there’s perpetual happiness in the heaven. But you can never know for sure because it is also said that there’s a hell. We are trapped here on the earth between birth and death, not knowing when and where is our terminal station.

Fortunately, life is an enchanting trap. Life also gives us gifts. He gives us enormous energy to explore the unknown world and the joy of getting to know; he gives us wisdom to change the world and create meaningful things and the bliss out of achievements; most importantly, he gives us heart to feel the unknown but beautiful world.

We are young; we own every new sun in every morning. But what if one day we were told that tomorrow would not be our another spare day?
Life recently re-taught me the beauty of being living. I was hospitalized following a severe cough which brought out several mouthfuls of blood. At first, I thought I’d got a cancer. I felt death was coming for me. I never thought about I would be caught by a fatal disease before; I never thought about being deprived of tomorrow so quickly; also, I never thought about tomorrow would turn out to be so beautiful only because I was later told by the doctor that it’s not a fatal disease!
At the same time, tens of thousands of people lost their lives in the earthquake. The whole country was thrown into a great shock and enormous grief. The disaster once again told us the truth of the fragility of our lives, in such a cruel way! Those who have gone are gone forever; It is responsibility of us who are still living to cherish our lives.
“Come on, China!” All Chinese people get united and shout loudly. To me, “come on, China.” means “come on, everybody.” Whenever life seems hard to endure, come on!
It is until now when we really get trapped under the earth, being in the darkness, not able to move that we begin to realize how much life has long been given us: freedom, sunshine, water, food, etc.
Life is enchanting because it teaches. The value of it is seldom known until it is lost.

Another grand essential that makes life enchanting is love. Parents’ love, love between man and woman, and love between friends, all are ingredients that make our life sweet and fragrant. Love opens the door of our hearts to let others in and blend with you jubilantly in both sorrows and happiness of life. As what has been elaborated by the American thinker Emerson: “When something sensational happens to us, sharing the happiness of the occasion with friends intensifies our joy. Conversely, in times of trouble and tension, when our spirits are low, unburdening our worries and fears to compassionate friends alleviates the stress.” With love, life gets us enchanted.

At last, life is also enchanting because of work. Although more than once people find work tiring and dream of eternal relaxation without any work, work is a significant source of human satisfaction and happiness. The American journalist David Grayson said, “Happiness, I have discovered, is nearly always a rebound from hard work.” Work, like food, gives us the essential nutrition of life. We apply our wisdom and creativity in work, through which we prove our value, draw sense of achievement and get the meaning of our lives.