Northwestern University Application for MBA – Example Essay

Northwestern University Application for MBA – Example Essay

1.Briefly assess your career progress to date. Elaborate on your future career plans and your motivation for pursuing a graduate degree at Kellogg. (one to two pages double-spaced)

Since I had worked in the product department of xxx, the yearly income was $xx million in 19xx, my major problem was a lack of knowledge in Finance and Management. Upon graduation from undergraduate studies, I was employed in the Management Planning Team.

Because I did not have the background in business administration from majoring in xxx Literature in undergraduate, I realized the difficulty in grasping the concept of general company matters,marketing analysis, and setting up the short and long-term marketing plan. When I participated in the future development of xxx and sales project for 10 months that began in February 19xx, I realized that I was incapable of successfully performing my duties as an Assistant Manager with 8 staff members for a project in which the company heavily depended upon. It was then that I had realized what special talent was needed to become a successful manager. For instance, while analyzing xxx, xxx’s technological advantage and marketing strategies, I realized the importance of learning Marketing Research and Strategy. I also realized the importance of Financial Management and Corporate Financial Policies when planning sales and marketing strategies for the future sales of xxx and strategies for increasing our market. Through these experiences, I became strongly motivated to applying to your college. I am applying to Kellogg in order to develop my management talent and abilities. Through the various advanced management theories and the LEAP and GIM programs offered at Kellogg, I hope to cultivate practical problem-solving skills. By selecting courses in my major such as management strategy, finance, and entrepreneurship, I intend to establish a firm and fundamental framework of business management knowledge that is essential to my career.

And if possible, I will obtain summer internships at McKinsey and A.T. Kearney while enrolled at Kellogg, and attempt to gain an understanding of U.S. corporate culture, which will be essential to my international experience.Upon graduation from Kellogg, I plan to be the most representative person at xxx. by learning and applying the strategies of these large growing global corporations in Chicago, and if possible I would like to analyze our competitors, xxx and xxx. I would also like to have experience with the U.S. market and its’ customer characteristics in preparation for future plan of xxx to set up xxx subsidiaries in U.S. I plan to work for 5 years at xxx. after graduation from Kellogg, by improving xxx so that it will rank second to xxx. My long-term goal is to be able to challenge the CEO’s of the top 5 ranking companies in Korea, such as Hyundai of Korea. In addition, to achieve my goals, I plan to earn the CFA certification upon my MBA studies. Armed with the CFA certification and Top School’s International bent, strength in finance and management training, I will be ready to place that call to the trader in China, conduct a teleconference with xxx corporation in Tokyo, and visit the CFO in America.

2.You have been selected as a member of the Kellogg Admissions Committee. Please provide a brief evaluative assessment of your file. (one to two pages double-spaced)

I am confident that is an applicant with the qualifications that meet Kellogg’s standards, for the following reasons. In his experience, his creative ideas stand out. xxx Campaign program for Korean customers, which was implemented in June 19xx by his suggestion, was evaluated to have improved customer growth rate by 7% after 6 months of implementation, and was given the Best Suggestion Award in 19xx. A program called “Contests for English Writing”for the xxx University students which was implemented by his suggestion during college, increased English Composition Club participation by 80%; we judge this to be a concrete case in point that demonstrates Mr. xxx’s creativity. His business administration talents were made evident during xxx’s labor-management negotiations process, which took place in April of 19xx. In these labor-management negotiations lasting two months, which dealt with the salary increase limits for employees, Mr. xxx was selected to be the deputy team leader among the negotiations mediation team of four people representing xxx.

The accurate materials on employee surveys from other xxx companies in Korea, which he researched for a month and presented, played a crucial role in the 50% mutual compromise reached between labor and management. During his employment, Mr. xxx was active in xxx’s labor union as a non-permanent member of the mediation committee.His strong academic credentials are also a big plus. He showed in just 4 months up to increase GMAT xxx points. He accomplished this while working full time and attending evening classes, which is further proof of his outstanding ability to excel in his studies.

4. Complete three of the following six questions or statements. (Two to three paragraphs each)

E. What personal qualities do you need to develop to become a more effective manager?

If I am given the opportunity, I would like to study Corporate Finance and Financial Strategy. Without the knowledge of finance, I could not successfully manage the company and be an incompetent businessman. I would like to focus my studies on subjects relating to Entrepreneurship and Marketing. I believe that I am qualified to be competitive among your students because I have earned a certificate of Accounting and Finance, sponsored by xxx in 19xx. Along with this basic background, I am currently studying Finance as a graduate student at xxx University Business School so that I may not have any difficulty in come up with your program.

F. I wish the Admissions Committee had asked me…

First, the primary reason why I apply for Kellogg is the importance of alumni association in which the school advocates. I believe that close interpersonal relationship and networking will serve as the basis for practical business in the future. My colleagues and I will be able to learn the importance of cooperation in supportive environment that Kellogg will provide. For the past few months I have been in the U.S. with few connections, I realized the importance of a strong supportive alumni association. For instance, if an alumni association of Kellogg in Korea proves to be weak in the future, I believe that it can be a downside in proving my talents and in taking the advantage of networking as a businessman. For this reason, I made it necessity to transfer to a university in the Top 20 ranking.

Secondly, Kellogg will enable me take the opportunity of its’ location.
Due to the location of xxx University in a rural place, I am having a difficult time in experiencing the American culture. I would like to learn about American corporations that are located in the city and this will enable me to get a better grasp of the American market. With this knowledge, I believe that I can successfully apply it to Unix Electronics, Co., Ltd. in Shaver’s diverseness in customer characteristics. I would like to transfer to your university because of the opportunities that I can take from its location in the city because I realize that I cannot combine class time and individual studies from the xxx University, which is x hours away from the city.
Thank You.