Non-lethal Weapons

Non-lethal weapons (also known as less-than lethal weapons) are one of the most important forms of technology in the twenty-first century. They are a well-needed augmentation for the guns and other types of lethal weapons that are being used to defend innocent lives without the desire to cause bloodshed and death. Mainly used by law enforcement and U.S. forces, non-lethal weapons can also be purchased and owned by civilians over a specific age in some states. The different types of non-lethal weapons range from hand-held spray-able irritants to long-range chemical lasers. While the types are different in physical appearance and content, their purpose is the same. Non-lethal weapons are meant to keep a person or group from harm by confusing, disorienting, or momentarily distracting potential threats. They can be used in varying types or situations with varying levels of danger.

Well-known and often-used types of non-lethal weapons are the irritant named Mace and the electroshock weapon called a Taser. Mace is a tear gas made from 1% CN gas in a solvent of 2-butanol, propylene glycol, cyclohexene, and dipropylene glycol methyl ether that comes in an aerosol spray form and is meant to be sprayed into the face of an attacker. It causes an intense burning sensation in the attacker’s eyes and causes the person to cough and gag due to suffocation effect caused by breathing it in. This would give the user a perfect opportunity to flee from their enemy. Mace is commonly used by police officers all over the United States . The Taser is also a weapon typically equipped by the members of local police forces. When used on a person, the Taser is a device that fires out two small dart-like electrodes that enter into a subjects flesh and uses an electrical current to disrupt the person’s control of their muscles and results in strong muscle contractions. Meant to be used on potentially dangerous subjects, it is a simple and effective tool to escape possible harm. There are also many non-lethal weapons still underdevelopment that are far more complex and useful compared to it much simpler counter-part.

Possibly one of the most impressive forms of non-lethal weapons still under development by the U.S. military is the pulsed energy projectile weapon (PEP). Designed for riot control from a distance, the pulsed energy projectile uses an invisible chemical laser that creates a large flash and shockwave to disorient and knock-out all people being targeted. The PEP is said to be able to work over distances of up to 2 kilometers and is more than likely going to be mounted on vehicles due to its large size. Although it is still only under development, the PEP shows how advanced in technology the Non-lethal weapons are becoming.

Non-lethal weapons have a very positive effect on out society. They give policemen another option for how to protect civilians. This new options is a major improvement compared to the traditional firearms and blunt weapons commonly used by police officers because they can save lives without serious injury. This makes sure that justice is properly served in an emergency situation. The military benefits from Non-lethal weapons as well by allowing them more options on how to defend themselves and make assaults on enemies.

There are nearly no negatives to Non-lethal weapons. The only problem with them is the slim chance that they can kill someone. There has only been a handful of cases where a Non-lethal weapon has ended a person’s life, but in most of those cases the victim a pre-existing condition that made them more susceptible to fatal injury. There was one such case where a person with a weak heart was killed while being struck with a Taser. Although it is possible, it is very rare that a person is seriously injured by a Non-lethal weapon. The fact that we have created an alternate option to lethal weapons is one of the ways Non-lethal weapons have impacted the world around us.

Non-lethal weapons have certainly made a strong impact in the United States and other parts of the world with the technology to build them. They have not gone unnoticed by U.S. forces and law enforcement. The authorities have fully-integrated the new non-lethal technologies to their arsenal of equipment, which has spared many lives and made certain situations much easier to handle. Without the creation of Non-lethal weapons, conflicts that typically would have ended in death can now end without bloodshed by either party. The creation of lasers and other types of technologies designed to be integrated into Non-lethal and lethal weapons is causing advancement in the level of technology in the world.

Non-lethal weapons are a very important form of technology. They have helped cause technological advancement because without them there would be no need for the development of lasers and other types on technology. They allow civilians to defend themselves against crime and allow U.S. forces safer ways to end conflict. I believe Non-lethal weapons are a great form of technology and will continue to save lives as long as they are still around.