Mumbai Burning

Mumbai is bleeding, Mumbai – city under fire, Terror hits Mumbai and we are just watching? These are not just headlines but the fact that we are just watching and cursing everyone. But who is at fault??? The Government – we choose them, The Politicians – we elected them with our votes, Corruption – We all are a part of it. And above all these we curse Muslims, the entire community. Yes, The Muslims, these are the one who are always behind all anti – social activities. It’s always a Jihad behind a bomb blast. But did we notice that the profile of Jihadi’s has changed. They are no longer aged in 30’s and uneducated. They are now someone who is next to us. Today’s Jihadi are young blood who has ambitions to grow and reach on top of different fields. They are engineers, management graduates, doctors, lecturers etc. They are our friends, colleagues, room-mates. These are the one to whom we were mentor and the one who have mentored us.

Have we ever thought of having such a mind set and aim, which made them so destructive and not us? Why are we victims and not a part of Jihad? Do we know the answer and had we ever tried to know why this happened? We know the answer but cannot except the ugly truth. We have been at times responsible for encouraging them to leave humanity. I even don’t remember a movie on terrorism where the ugly role is played by a Muslim character. What was the fault of Chak De’s Kabir Khan? He missed to goal against Pakistan or he being Muslim. He showed sportsmanship to the opponent’s Captain but media portrayed it as “Desh ka Gunehgar”. In a very similar instance, during the test series at Australia, Kumble congratulate Mr. Stubborn Ponting, everyone appreciated Kumble for his impeccable gesture and sportsmanship. Why the definition changed with the religion? We prefer to get our clothes stitched by a Muslim Tailor; even the Muslims are in saloons but while recruiting a Muslim candidate we think twice.

A blast happens and terrorist got identified as a Management student. What we did? The Management schools stopped giving admission to Muslims. Muslims lecturers were not given respect. Muslim worker were being questioned about their past and were asked to get Police Verification. Was that we were supposed to do? Is this the right approach to deal with this? DO we know how many Muslims were the victims? The NSG team had Muslims who were facing fire from the front to rescue peoples.

We need to stand and lead from the front to raise against discrimination of communities. Few maharastrian do not want North Indians. The word “Bihari” and “Bhaiya” are being used to insult people. We say American have discrimination of color. We condemned DIscrimation of Black and White in the past. Then why are we discriminating Muslims? We all are responsible citizens but that citizen is yet to be recognized.

We need to know the truth and we need to accept the truth and look beyond the perceptions. We are humans the only living creature which can think and we need to decide our actions for a better and safe future.