Should You Marry Young?

Do you agree with the following statement: it is important to marry before the age of thirty? It is said that marriage is the most important thing in people life. Some marry very young just when they have become adults, others marry when they are thirty or

more. There are people thinking that you should marry when you are younger than thirty because of some reasons.

First of all, all couples want to have kids. It is very important for women to be healthy due to the fact that she would be able to give a birth to a child. The older woman is, the less possibility she has to have a baby and to stay in good fit and health.

What is more, people usually start to get older after thirty, their looks start to change. And if your body feels vigorous it doesn’t mean that your face and body will be the same. Usually the age difference is not important, but you want to see a person who wouldn’t look similar to your father or mother.

In addition, thirty is usually the age when people graduate universities, stat working, earn their money, are able to have their own flats. So that means that a person is totally independent and responsible but still feels young and has a spirit that wants to have fun, to feel the life, because when a person becomes thirty he starts to feel that maybe he or she is too old to go to the night club to do extreme activities.

In conclusion, I completely agree that a person should marry before the age of thirty. It is the time when a person still has that young and inexperienced spirit, when he wants to explore the life and usually wants to do this with the person that he or she loves. That when they will be old they could remember the young days when they where full of energy and desires.