Jean Val Jean’s Influences – Les Miserbles

Jean Val Jean greatly influenced everyone he came across. He influenced Fantine to repent her sins and stop her line of work. He helped her try to get her daughter back and gave her a place to stay and eat even though she had a daughter out of wedlock. In addition,

he influenced the prisoners to try to change how they act by telling his real name to save that simple man from death. He influenced them by showing them how he changed his life around.

Javert was a coldhearted, unkind, and selfish man and Jean Val Jean influenced him to put his own selfishness aside and forgive people for things they have done in the past if they have changed their way of life. Jean Val Jean influenced Cozzette by taking her in and being kind and gentle towards her. So she grew up to be gentle and kind also and she shows this by her giving food to the poor and being nice to everyone not just people of her social class.

He also influenced the republics because Jean Val Jean told them not to give up. At what point he even started helping them in the battle to fight for what they believed and try to make things fair. He influenced the poor to help other people by helping them and giving them food and clothes. He influenced the inspector’s assistant by showing him how helpful and kind he was to anybody and that you can be forgiven. The inspectors assistant showed this by letting Jean Val Jean go and get Cozzette before the inspector arrested him.

Jean Val Jean influenced many people. Theses are just a few of those people. He was a forgiving, caring, helpful, unselfish man and his actions showed people to be the same way. His acts of kindness were witnessed by everyone that is why Jean Val Jean was considered such a great man and a great influence on everyone.