A Love Letter – Creative Writing Course

A Love Letter – Creative Writing Course
Dear Ken,I still remember your attractiveness when I met you for the first time in the classroom 215. You seated yourself, listening attentively to professor. With the smooth hair hanging on your face, you looked like a graceful prince appearing only in fairy tales. You were so brilliant that I could not help but to rivet my attention on you. Ever since the day of our first

encounter, I have been impressed with your engaging appearance, and I knew that I have been addicted to you.

The first contact I had with you was in an event held for welcoming the frosh. That was an overnight camp. On the first day when I got to the destination I found that you were there. At that time I knew that we were in the same department and I felt a little happy for that. You were one of the staff, setting things in the place we were going to use. I waited for your appearance while the host was introducing all the staff. Then you came in front of the frosh, and the host introduced you to all of us. You were a sophomore and responsible for the implements in this event. In the afternoon we had a period of free time, and I found that you lay down on the ground under the tree. I approached you carefully, glancing at you, and then passed you by. I got confused for the desire that I yearned to kiss you because you were like the sleeping beauty, though you were not a princess but a prince. On the second day there was a primary activity. In this activity, we had to pass through many stages and in each stage we also had to get a piece of paper that was part of the map, which could show where the treasure was buried. In one of the stage, I had to play a game with the master of the stage, and the master was you. Do you remember? We splashed water in turn, but I had only a rag to defend myself. So I got soaked at last. But that’s ok. I was contented when I saw your shining smile. It was the most precious experience in that event.

After the event, I wanted to know you, but I didn’t know how to do. Once I went to the gym to play badminton, it was amazing that you were there, too. We both joined the badminton team of our department. At the moment, I really agreed that chance rules our lives. Then, we knew each other. You were a simple, practical, hard-working man. It seemed that you didn’t like to do anything that might waste time. I always saw you having meals by yourself. You liked to act alone so that it would not waste time. But since I knew you, I was delighted that sometimes I could dine out with you and others. That meant at least we were friends, right?

One day when I walked on campus, I saw you walked toward me in distance. On seeing you closer and closer, I got so nervous that I turned around to avoid you. At that night, I recalled this event and thought it over. But I still didn’t know why I did it. I was very confused and anxious that why I became so strange. I burst out crying. I even didn’t know why I was crying.

Now I know it’s all because of you. From the day I cried, I have fallen in love with you. I know that there is no possibility that you will like me. Nevertheless, I hope we can remain our friendship. Still, I will try to know you more. The more I understand you, the more I will like you. Don’t worry. I don’t want to be your burden and I won’t be. Because I only want your happiness, knowing I can never be yours to share it.