How To Learn Japanese Well By Yourself – English Composition Informal Essay

How To Learn Japanese Well By Yourself – English Composition Informal Essay
Nowadays, when it comes to Japan, people would think of its great economic condition and beautiful scenery. Also, most adolescents may think of modern things such as its fashion, music, and dramas, and these are popular among young people. They listen to Japanese songs and watch Japanese dramas, so they would like to sing with

the melody and understand the meaning of drama directly without translation. That’s why many young people are apt to learn Japanese. They may go to some language centers like Global Village Language Center to learn Japanese, but it always cost much money. However, if you learn Japanese just for the reasons mentioned above, I will dissuade you from spending much money learning it, for there is a better way to learn Japanese: learn by yourself.

Then, how to learn Japanese well by yourself? First, the most important thing is the passion. No matter what you want to learn, the essential thing is whether you have the passion toward what you want to learn. When you encounter frustration and feel depressed, the passion can support you, can give you the power to go on. If you don’t have the passion, even a smallest setback can discourage you like a barrier getting in your way to block you. Now you have the passion, and then the second thing you need is a good conference book. The ideal one should contain texts, analysis of grammar, exercises, and tapes or CDs. And how to use it? You should read the text of the lesson first. After that, listen to the tape or CD, read the text again, and try to imitate the intonation. Then, read the analysis of grammar. Remember to do the exercises and check your answers. You will know what you still don’t understand. Look the grammar again and make sure that you have understood the whole lesson. Third, a good dictionary is necessary for learning Japanese on your own. When learning Japanese, you will meet many words you don’t understand. Each time this occurred, you have to consult the dictionary. Therefore, a good dictionary is dispensable.
What are mentioned above are three main things you should have to learn Japanese. There are also some other ways that can improve your Japanese and speed your learning. Take myself for example. The way I touched Japanese for the first time was listening to Japanese songs. I can still remember the first album I bought: Sweet Nineteen Blues by Namie Amuro. When I listened to it, I wanted to sing with the voice. I looked at the lyrics and memorized some letters’ sounds, but there were still many letters that I didn’t know how to pronounce. Then I happened to find that my father had learned Japanese and had a book about it, so I read the book to memorize the other letters. Finally, I could read all of the letters except Chinese words in Japanese. Listening to Japanese songs is really an efficient way of memorizing its letters and it won’t take much time. You can also read Japanese magazines or watch Japanese dramas. The two are also good ways for you to improve your Japanese.

To sum up, as long as you can follow the procedure step by step, you must be able to learn Japanese well by yourself. In doing so, you can actually learn not only Japanese but also other languages well. And remember, passion is the most important thing when you learn everything, so don’t let your passion fade away. Then you can achieve everything successfully.