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Looks Might Be Deceiving

In our daily life, we face many life-changing events, some of which might be meeting new people we never knew before, going through a certain experience, or even simply discovering things that have always been there around you but you never learned about earlier.

Let’s start off by people. Millions of people live around us daily, but who do we get to know? Only the ones that we work with or in my case, the people who study at my school. Why is that? We are afraid that if we got to know new people, they might disappoint us, or even break our hearts in certain cases. Every one of us has his own “bad” characteristics, but in some people these might show more than others. For example, you might be at the grocery store one day and as you reach your queue at the cashier, you realize you forgot your wallet at home. To your surprise the guy behind you in-line unhesitatingly offers to pay for your goods. You eventually get to know the guy and then one day you mistakenly find out that by day he’s your average every-day accountant, but by night he is a highly wanted car thief. This might be really disappointing for you, as it will also leave a bad impression on you that will make you think in certain way such as: ‘Why should I meet new people? Maybe they turned out to be murderers, alcoholics, drug addicts, thieves etc…’

On the other hand, life isn’t just people, who we know and who we don’t. It’s also our surrounding environment that could contain physically deceiving material. One model that might be focuses upon is the ocean. The ocean, according to scientists, makes up about 70% of the earth’s surface. Looking at the ocean we would be stunned by the amazing reefs, different sizes and colors of fish, sea plants. But if we took a closer, deeper look, we would be surprised to find out that those gentle and harmless waves on the top were deceiving us and hiding from us what lies beneath. Fish eating each other, sharks attacking harmless small sea creatures, octopi squirting there dark blue ink around, or even rich divers diving around in search for trophies to take back home and boast in front of other friends.

“Where Dreams Come True”, “Where Friendship is the Largest Jackpot!”, “Where players win”, “Your road to Riches!”. Weren’t those attractive? Well I wouldn’t like to disappoint you but those were famous casino slogans. As my concluding point I would like to mention casinos as you can see. Casinos, also known as places where you would most probably destroy your life or if you were surprisingly lucky, be able to score the jackpot and win loads of money. But what are the odds of that happening? Nobody actually knows. People go there with one aim, mainly to have fun and gain some extra cash, while they actually return home disappointed to the fact that they almost got broke.

As a conclusion I’d like to state a well known saying, “NEVER judge a book by its cover”. No matter how attractive the physical appearance is, you can never know what actually lies beneath unless you experience it, which can sometimes have harsh consequences.