Getting the Gold – Scholarship Essay

As the crowd cheered for me, my heart beats we anticipation, waiting in wanting the gun to the sound. The race hasn’t started but i am already sweating. A drop of sweat falls for the ground, as its falling I think about how much pressure is on this race. I have

trained hard for this moment in the Olympics, and id feel tremendous pain if I lost. Drip… my sweat hits the hot ground and everything sounds like it’s in slow motion. “Get ready… set…… go”…..bang! the gun sounds and my heart feels like its now out of my body and onto the track. My first foot leaves the blocks followed by my second. I think about how I must push my self if I want to win. As I take my second stride I see my coach in my head screaming and screaming and yelling and yelling at me. ” go, go go” he says.

As I turn to see if any one is next to me, I see my coach, nothing like when I am practicing, but calm as ever, as if he knows I am going to win. He just stood there waiting, watching with this blank look on his face as if he’s just there looking at a ghost run. No emotions, no sweat, not a hint of worry. This gave me confidence. I knew that I was the best in the world, I know that no one in the race could match the strength and the will that I had as an athlete, as I got ready to explode on my third stride I totally forgot where I was. I saw my self as a child again, running down the country roads of Texas. Those were the days, I told myself, and I would be an Olympian. Playing tag and racing to the lake, for most kids was just fun, but for me it was my way of testing and training myself for the future. I always knew that one day id be here, representing my country in the best way I knew how. This was my life long ambition.

The goal I have waited years to accomplish. Years I have trained, just to race one race that takes less than 15 seconds. A price to pay for the goal. As I remember where I am, I feel my muscles in my body tightening, as if there going to pop. As I lunge for the tape I notice an opponent catching up to me on the right side. And as he was going faster I was going slower. My thoughts were all scrambled my body felt the urge to fight pain and take the lead. As I got closer to the tape I noticed how close my opponent was to me, I couldn’t loose. My thoughts were running wild; I knew I had to concentrate if I wanted to win. I took a deep breathe and pushed myself as hard as I could. I stretched my neck as far as I could and…and…. I broke a world record by 2.36 seconds. My heart wasn’t on the track anymore; it was in space some where. I didn’t really think about anything, I just walked off the track and sat down. After 4 events it finally hit me that I not only broke a world record, I got the gold.