Jack And The Beanstalk to Animal Farm – English
1.Yes, our society does have entertaining ways to give young people important advice. There are many fairy tales in which we are told when we are younger that gives us very important advice. For example, the story

of Jack and the Beanstalk teaches us not to squander our money on silly things. We then have many movies, TV shows, music, and books that have good morals in them. All we have to do is look for them. Like in Animal Farm, we learn that we should not try to dominate others because he ends up turning into the person/people that dominated over us. So, yes, our society does have entertaining ways to give young people important advice.

2.“The mind of man is of two kinds, pure and impure: impure when in the bondage of desire, pure when free from desire.”
This quote is basically saying that we should not desire. We should just like what we have and not worry about achieving more. This way, we will be happy because we will have a pure mind.

“All living creatures are led astray as soon as they are born, by the delusion that this relative world is real.”

This quote is basically saying that we are not of this world. This world is just a stopping place, and soon, we will go to another world. This will continue until we have become enlightened, and find the true world.

3.On the most part, it is not alright to break our word. However, there are instances that it is for the best. Sometimes we have to break our word for the greater good. If someone is in danger, and you told a friend that you would be careful, it would be alright to break your word to help that person in danger. Or, if you promised a friend not to tell anyone a secret, but if you didn’t tell someone, your friend could get in trouble or injure themselves, it would be alright to break your word. It just really depends on the situation.

4.My favorite part of the “Bhagavad-Gita” is the quote “The tortoise can draw in his legs: The seer can draw in his senses. I call him illuminated.” I find it very interesting because I find that becoming illuminated is one of the best things to do. This way, life will be good, because a person would not have to worry about what was going to happen. An illuminated person would just be able to live a life in peace, and during a time in which our world is in chaos, living a life of peace would be a great thing.

5.Most people in the United States are not even-tempered in success and failure. Many people are just worried about succeeding in life that if they don’t, they get angry. And with teens, it’s all drama. I don’t know how so much drama can happen in a teen’s life, but I guess it does. So, Americans really aren’t even-tempered in success and failure.