Frankenstein Only Wanted Love – Literature Essay

Frankenstein Only Wanted Love – Literature Essay
Frankenstein was successful in creating an angle. The only reason he didn’t believe it is because he judged him by his looks and left him by him self. He was good at first till he gave revenge to Frankenstein by making

him unhappy so he killed his loved ones, William and Elizabeth. Frankenstein betrayed him by leaving him alone confused and in pain. Then the monster wanted revenge because of him. The monster felt betrayed by his master Frankenstein and he just wanted to be loved by people and beautiful creatures but everyone didn’t love him because he was too ugly. So he wanted to have his own love just like him, so he made sure Frankenstein made him a wife so Monster will fell loved and stay away from the people into the wildness for good.

Monster wasn’t very happy about the way he looked. He was pale, he had scares and he had stitches all over his body and smelt like the grave. People will judge him when he walks by and attack him because the think his hideous and then thought he was evil. It was like the town people think if you’re beautiful your kind but if you were ugly you’re just nothing but bad. Frankenstein also thought he was ugly because he thought he looked nothing like an angle but a ugly man. He thought he was ugly like a demon, and then he left him alone and didn’t actually believe he succeeded making an angle. (pg 41) “ As soon as you saw me you turned away in horror.”

Monster admired all he saw around him, but no one loved him back because they misunderstood him. He was pushed away from everyone, they assumed he was evil. People had sent their dogs on him, Monster was hoping to pet and play with the dogs but they tore him in pain. He once found William and wanted to have fun with him but when the little boy, William mentioned his brother Frankenstein, he killed him because that’s all he thought of and that’s when he wanted to hate everyone because he felt so rejected by all he saw. (pg 41) “ I came to life full of goodwill and friend ship for every little creature” Monster wanted to be happy but he believes that Frankenstein wants him to be unhappy so he gives revenge by making Frankenstein unhappy he does that by killing his loved ones Elizabeth and William.
(pg 41) “ It was that I wanted to love.”

The reason why Monster felt lonely is because there was only one of him, everyone else had a partner, and he wanted that. Someone just like him to love end be loved, but he was lonely, no one to love no one to admire. He set of to ask Frankenstein one favor, some one for a companion, and that is to make him a wife. If he had a wife, he would live far away from everyone into the wildness and wouldn’t hurt or go near anybody again. Monster did have to wait for two years, but his bride wasn’t successful. She died too soon because Elizabeth and Cleval didn’t want another one like him because they hated the monster so they tried o destroy his bride. (pg 44)
“Make me a companion, make me a wife.”

Frankenstein was like a father to the Monster because he did create him after all. But the did have things against each other like the fact Monster killed his brother William and his loved one Elizabeth, and the fact Frankenstein wanted to distort him and left him alone in the first place when he was only new to the world. Even though they issues Frankenstein was willing to help Monster by making him a wife so he wont bother no one. In the movie though monster was crying because Frankenstein died and he felt like he was hi son so he did have a bit of a family in the end. In the middle of the show monster explained how he survived and about his feeling and Frankenstein was paying a lot of attention to him. But together they were like father and son.(pg 45) “ in two years time it will be ready. But if I hear from you before then, I shall destroy it, and that will be the end.”

Over he did make an angle. But to be an angle you don’t have to look like one you just have to be one. The only reason why he thinks he failed to make an angle is because he believes that if you were an angle you would have to be beutuful in every way The monster did have emotions but the most one he felt was love and that’s what angle is. Usually an angle is one of gods spirits so Frankenstein was like a god and the Monster was an angle.