International Business Portfolio of The Netherlands – International Business (300 Level Course)

International Business Portfolio of The Netherlands – International Business (300 Level Course)

1. Does your country have resources that can be found only there, or are resources there of a high quality? Describe the quality of natural resources.
There are no resources unique to the Netherlands. The resources aren’t necessarily of high quality, but there is an abundance of arable land available to be cultivated or built on.

2. List three products for which your country is best known. Describe either the competitive or absolute advantage that these products have.

Heineken (beer)- Heineken has a unique product, and continually comes up with innovative ideas (putting a “ball” in cans of beer to create a “head” when pouring, along with the “mini keg” cans). They also have customer loyalty and competitive prices compared to other foreign brands.

Food Processing- The abundance of arable land coupled with the highly mechanized agricultural sector creates large surpluses for the food-processing industry and for exports. The Netherlands have an absolute advantage because they are able to produce and process food at a higher rate of productivity compared to other countries.
Fuels- Natural gas, and oil are two of the biggest exports from the Netherlands. The Netherlands have a competitive advantage because they provide other countries with better service because of their access to transportation by the sea.

3. In what ways does your country have advantages that will give it a competitive edge?

The Netherlands has access to all forms of transportation and relies heavily on foreign trade to boost the economy. It also has a very strong dollar (euro) that compares closely to the American dollar making international trade easier and more profitable. The euro also makes trading within the European Union easier because all countries use the exact same currency.

4. Is something manufactured in your country that is not manufactured elsewhere? Has your country been responsible for any major innovations? List them.

The majority of goods produced and exported in and from the Netherlands are natural resources, which can be found in other countries throughout the world. The Netherlands are responsible for putting a “ball” in cans of beer to create a “head” when pouring and they also came up with the “mini keg” cans.

5. How do the competitive advantages offered by this country provide opportunities for rationalization of Canadian business operations? For example, is labour less expensive, making it efficient for a Canadian firm to build a plant in or source exports from this country?

The Netherlands and Canada have very similar economies both monetarily, resource and production wise. The only competitive advantages Canadian businesses would have is better service to European markets because of the proximity and better pricing because of the reduced shipping costs.