I Have Sinned – (Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky Impeachment) – History Essay

I Have Sinned – (Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky Impeachment) – History Essay
“I HAVE SINNED” is what President Bill Clinton said to the nation concerning his allegations of perjury and obstruction of justice. On July 24, 1998 media reports state that Bill Clinton has been subpoenaed to testify

before the grand jury on him having sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky. President Clinton of course denied these allegations that were brought forth in the trial. These reports are later confirmed within the next two days. Clinton is the first president in history to be subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury and later that year became the second to be impeached. On September 11, 1998, Clinton apologized publicly to the nation of lying about having sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky. After a 21-day trial, the Senate vote fell short of the two-thirds majority required for conviction and removal from office under the Constitution (INT 2). For the President to get impeached, a majority vote by the House is required to do so.

After passed in the House the Senate “tries” the accused. A two-thirds majority vote is needed for conviction and expulsion from office. According to the Constitution, “The President, Vice President, and all civil officers of the United States shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors (INT 3). On December 19, 1998 President Clinton was impeached from office. This day will definitely go down the history books.

This speech was a very apologetic speech, something that he felt it needed to be. He mentioned at the beginning of the speech that it will not be as easy as other speeches address to the nation. I totally agree. This was very emotional for the president as it would have been for anyone to admit to adultery after already denying it publicly to the entire nation. He asked for everyone’s forgiveness in this matter including his family and Monica Lewinsky and her family. President Clinton is a very religious man, and that made it even more difficult to admit of his wrong doing especially something that other faith believers like himself called viewed it as a sin. He didn’t try to hide his faith beliefs even making it known by quoting scriptures, “to love my neighbor – all my neighbors – as my self, to be an instrument of God’s peace; to let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart and, in the end, the work of my hands, be pleasing.” (INT 1) This was truly a big statement for him to make. He used a lot of other passages and quotes from the bible to show that he has recognized his faults and is on the right path of forgiveness. Clinton even said that he is seeking pastoral help and that other caring people so that he can be held accountable for his own commitment. He said he would never forget this time in his life and will keep this as a caution in his life. Even as painful and embarrassing his conviction being reveled to the nation and his family was, he said good can come from this. Clinton said, “if my repentance is genuine and sustained, and if I can maintain both a broken spirit and a strong heart, then good can come of this for our country as well as for me and my family”(INT 1). If this is not faith I’m not sure what it is.

This is and was a very motivational speech to in light anyone who falls victim to adultery or any other wrong doing in their life. This speech lets people know that they can overcome obstacles in their lives and move forward and not look back. Others may take from this speech as being inspirational by him saying to the world that this is not going to slow him down because he has a purpose in life and nothing is going to stop him from fulfilling that purpose. You can also label this speech as being persuasive because he had tried to convince the nation that he was truly sorry for his actions. In this speech, I would have to say the Specific Purpose was him admitting to the nation that he did have sexual relation with Monica Lewinsky. I believe the Central Idea was to repent of your sins, get some guidance and to move forward with your life. I cannot imagine how he felt being in the exposed to the world of something that so low. I can understand why it must have been hard for him to speak public about it and to be in the spotlight for something like that. I would have been scared of how my family would react to me in these circumstances that I put myself in. Looking at his life now, I see that he has indeed moved on and is continuing to make an impact on the world. I believe the nation as a has for gave him of his charges and is helping him continue to make a good name for himself.