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Recreational Hunting and Fishing – A Great Time with Family

Ever since I was younger I have really enjoyed a nice morning hunt or fish, it has always been something I look up to doing. Hunting and fishing are great ways to relive stress and relax after a long day. They are big recreational sports these

days fathers and there children get the shot guns or fishing poles and hit the water or the woods just as we have since we were younger. Different than 20 years ago now we have peta groups and animal rights groups trying to take away a completely humane sport.

Hunting and fishing is viewed by many as inhumane and disgusting. These people say this because they don’t think it is right for humans to go and hunt and fish innocent animals. Hunting and fishing for your food is a way of saving money and eating the animals you hunt or fish witch I consider sport. But if you kill an animal and don’t have it mounted or eat it I would not consider it a sport because the meat has gone to waist.

Another thing that the anti hunting groups bring up is animal rights. Yes I will admit if you shoot an animal and then let it run and don’t recover it or catch a fish tear its gill and through it back that is cruel but that is the down side you have to take hunting or fishing. Animals have rights but going out and hunting to eat the meat is normal just like an animal with dominance will go and hunt a smaller animal to fill the stomach it is part of life.

These groups say we are really destroying the population of the animals that we hunt or fish. We may be endangering the species a very little bit. But the department of natural resources has bag limits on species to regulate how much of each species is being killed. If there isn’t hunting these species will become over populated and then that is how diseases spread that can wipe out a whole species. With hunting we regulate the population which will keep these animals in better living. Why do we have CWD in deer because they are over populated and that’s how this all begins that is the best example on why hunting is humane.

Hunting and fishing are very good ways of spending time with family and will help you take your mind of the stressful things in life. You also get to get a lot of free meat and it is inexpensive. A real sportsman will eat and butcher every thing they kill so nothing will go to waist. There is not any thing wrong with hunting it is a very fun an entertaining way to spend your free time peacefully.