The Dog That Will Not Die!

In this world there are several things I dislike, but most of all I dislike my roommate’s dog. He drives me crazy. I have several reasons not to like this dog; it is old and grumpy, it stinks, and it thinks it can sleep on anything in the house. There

are so many more reasons for me not to like this animal. I ask myself everyday why will this dog not die or just go somewhere else and stay out of my life.

First off, this dog isn’t a cute little puppy; it’s an eight year old Chihuahua from the depths of hell. His owner, Brooklyn, named him Simon for some reason, but I call him Satin. He has this hideous tan fur that is turning white like an elderly man and huge, bulging eyes that look in separate directions. This animal is so grumpy, every time we have company over it attacks them like they are an escaped prisoner being attacked by the k9 unit. Brooklyn says he is so aggressive because of all the medications he is on. I disagree, I think he is just stupid and doesn’t realize what he is doing. Every time I hear this dog bark, which is anytime anyone moves, I clinch my fists and mumble profanity under my breath. If animal cruelty wasn’t a crime I would beat this animal until he obeyed, which I doubt will ever happen with that dog.

Another thing that bothers me about this dog is its horrible dog odor. This creature smells like it sleeps on road kill. He goes to the groomer all the time, but it obviously does no good. Everything this dog sits on stinks. He also sheds his fur on our furniture. It drives me crazy. I hate getting it on my clothes when I sit down. I just don’t understand why he can’t stay outside like all animals should. My parents didn’t allow animals in our house back home, so I’m not used this. This dog obviously isn’t fit for being a house dog. I’m surprised he doesn’t use the bathroom on the floors. He does everything else wrong so why not? His owner thinks he is so perfect. I tell her everyday how much I just want to punt it out side.

Lastly, this beast thinks he owns the house. Last time I checked he wasn’t paying any rent. He gets mad if anyone walks by his bed, sits close to him, or even makes a loud sound. He acts like this is his territory and everyone else are intruders. I cannot even have company over without locking him in his room. It makes me so angry. I feel like I’m not welcomed in my own house because I get attacked every time I come home. This dog’s behavior is so ridiculous. It is pretty bad when you want to move to get away from a dog.

In conclusion, this dog drives me insane. I cannot stress enough how this dog makes me feel. It stinks up our house, attacks everyone and just ruins my day. It’s not like I’m an animal hater or I haven’t tried to make things better. I’ve had many talks with my roommate, but it is no use. She always has an excuse for its behavior. I’ve given up on trying to make peace with this dog. I guess I will never be able to enjoy living on my own while he’s around. I doubt he will live much long, but right now it seems like he will never die.