How the British and Kazakhstan Political Systems Differ – Government Essay
In this essay I will discuss the differences and similarities between Kazakhstan and Britain. I will write about economical and political differences. The UK is a unitary state and a democratic

constitutional monarchy. Its system of government* has directly inspired the government of other countries, such as Canada, India, Australia and Jamaica. The constitution is unmodified and some is unwritten, being made up of constitutional conventions, and various elements of statutory law and common law which are collectively referred to as British constitutional law.

The head of state and theoretical ultimate source of power in the UK is the British monarch. Queen Elisabeth || become to Queen since 1952, now Queen less powerfully than Prime Minister. In reality, the Queen has an essentially ceremonial role, restricted in exercise of power by convention and public opinion, though the monarch does exercise three essential rights: the right to be consulted, the right to advice and the right to warn. Governments and prime ministers have weekly confidential meetings with the monarch.

The longer the monarch reigns the greater the degree of his or he experience and knowledge becomes, and so the meetings become more and more useful .In practical terms, the political head of the UK is the Prime Minister Tony Blair, who is leader of strongest party in UK, who must have the support of the House of Commons in formal terms