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history of basketball

The beginning of basketball is believed to have started during Aztec times. Modern basketball as we know it began in 1891 by the creator Dr. James Naismith at a YMCA in Springfield, Massachusetts. He developed the game for the football and lacrosse players to play during the winter with rules that had little physical contact. At first there were nine players on each team with a goalkeeper, two guards, three centers, two wings, and a home man. Initially soccer balls were used for the games. Dr. James Naismith also created the basketball, which at first had laces like a football. In the year 1892 Lew Allen made a cylinder with heavily woven wire to replace the old basketball rims which were peach baskets. Three years after the new rim was made they installed backboards to prevent fans from interfering with play.

The first professional league, The National Basketball League, was formed with six teams in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. From the years 1908 to 1923 three new rules were put into place. The dribbler is allowed to shoot the ball. Players are allowed to leave and re-enter the game. The person fouled has to take the foul shot eliminating the designated foul shooter.

The second professional league came in to play the American Basketball League(ABL), but it disbanded six years after it started but reformed two years later. Over those six years both leagues made double dribble illegal. That is dribbling, picking the ball up with two hands and dribbling again. A year after the ABL disbanded they added a half court line and a 10 second rule to prevent stalling during the game. In 1939 the backboard got moved. Originally. it hung two feet into the court and was moved to four feet into the court. This was done to add more movement under and behind the backboard. In 1945 there were many rules and regulations added, such as, defensive goaltending was banned. Players are now allowed five fouls before fouling out, it previously was four.

The Basketball Association of America (BAA) was formed in1946 and than in 1949 it merged with the National Basketball League to form what is now the National Basketball Association or the NBA. It consisted of 17 teams in 3 divisions. One year later the first African American player was drafted into the NBA, Chuck Cooper from Duquesne University. Also the NBA adopted the one and one free throw rule. In 1951 the first NBA All-Star game was played where the East beat the West 111 to 94. Four years later the NBA put in the 24-second shot clock to prevent even more stalling.

In 1962, Wilt Chamberlain put on the greatest performance ever seen when he put up 100 points in one game. This is even more remarkable because there were no three pointer shots, he did it scoring only one and two point baskets. Moses Malone in 1974 became the first player to be drafted straight out of high school to go pro. Denver Nuggets, Indiana Pacers, New York Nets and San Antonio Spurs were added to the NBA in 1976.

The NBA adopts the 3-point basket in 1980. A third official is added in a game in 1989. In 1991 two free throws are awarded to a team after 10 fouls. The NBA expands into Canada in 1995 with the Vancouver grizzlies and the Toronto raptors. The most recent rule change was in 2000. Instant replay review of last second shots was added to see if they were correct about their call.

This paper has covered many topics, such as the rules and how they have changed, and some of the regulations. Players who have broken records, and changed history. You have learned from Wilt Chamberlain to different leagues before the NBA.