Habitat Destruction Essay

There are many species in the world. The majority of them lived in bodies of water and many are on land. But these living organisms have been threatened and others have been extinct because of habitat change due to shifting climate. Scientific methods have been applied by major scientists to prove that from the last two hundred years, the earth’s temperature began to increase steadily on a rate of 1 Fahrenheit per century. Society believes that this issue is not a true concern. But in reality, the heat that’s being trapped in the atmosphere causes climate changes to occur. These sudden changes make it harder for living organisms to survive. The result of burning of coal and fossil fuel, desertification, and deforestation are the reasons why the heating and changes of the earth is taking place. When will all of these man made activities end? Technology itself is not even close to solving this problem.

Societies invent better ways to make energy more efficient. But in the most part, their work only takes them back to using the same natural resources (fossil fuel, coal, uranium), which are harmful to the environment. Today, the burning of fossil fuel, coal, and the mining of uranium are the only way we can make energy for the use of our society on a large scale. There are abundant demands for these natural resources and they are becoming more scarce. If society continues in this direction and the climate around the world begins to change, there will be the end of millions of species living in both land and bodies of water. “Habitat Destruction” is beginning to take place in some parts of the world. I believe that this example would be crucial to those who lived in this planet. Unfortunately, the prospects of big business groups are more concern about the less important issues in hand. The “Kyoto” proposal was denied by a majority vote. Why is this the case? These so called “intellectuals” who runs our government doesn’t even show a slight interest on the extinction of these species. Its arguable I suppose. How are we able to know if the climate fluctuations are either normal or not? Is it fact that Cfcs are damaging the earth’s ozone layer? Are fossil fuel emissions harmful to earth? There are many questions regarding this issue and yet, there is no answer. It is difficult to analyze this problem especially when the environmental issues have no economic entity in the political system. Major governments are the only answer to this growing problem. They have the power to regulate and pass laws. They also have the required funds to come up with cutting edge technology to create more efficient energy.

I always believed that one-day; someone in power would have enough integrity to look over this matter. If not, more species will become extinct. The solar caps will continue to melt causing the ocean level to rise and flooding the cities across the globe. Species that are not yet discovered will simply perish unless society begins to strive for another alternative on creating energy. Only time will tell.