Future of East Timor

A nation rich with oil, but poor from to poverty. Lying just off the coast of Australia and south of the Philippines is East Timor. East Timor not only brings to mind a state that was once Indonesia’s but also a place where unpleasant human rights violations take place since before the referendum held in 1999. “The lack of resources and the high level of illiteracy is worrying. However, this should not dampen our enthusiasm and the will to overcome underdevelopment.” (by Xanana Gusmao) The Leaders of East Timor are determined to create developed, modern nation. East Timor has the potential to becoming a prosperous nation, since it is a developing, emerging nation furthermore; its future is capable of becoming ideal with lots of time, work, and patients required.

East Timor will become a prosperous nation if it fixes problems that it currently has. Timor will grow to becoming a more modern nation and a developed nation over a long period of time. East Timor is very far behind becoming a developed nation. It may lack many aspects of a modern nation, but hope will always reside in the heart of the country, the people. Many civilians wonder whether the country can come up to the standards of a modern nation. “East Timor has many problems that should be solved immediately” (by Xanana Gusmao). Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao feels that the hard earned independence of East Timor is not the only step to becoming a modern nation. East Timor has many flaws such as theft, health, weaponry for war, civil people, and worst of all the declining economy. Theses flaws that Timor has, must be solved for the good of the nation. Many of these problems can easily be solved by having a proper legal system.

East Timor can also become a prosperous nation if it involves laws, and a judicial system. Timor must become civil and up to the standard of any modern nation therefore, it must start obeying to what the government asks of them, but the path to success is a tough one. Trying to pursue justice over crimes against humanity can bring about democracy. Without laws or justice, people would do whatever they want with no control therefore the nation would not be able to grow. Timor needs a system, without a system an ideal future will remain a durable task to over come. Since East Timor is starting out fresh as a new nation, it has the ability to correct itself on their path to modernization; it can see the mistakes that other nations have made on their path to modernization, and those mistakes can be avoided by Timor.

East Timor is a very poor country with barely any business because they are so isolated and they are worried of other conflict similar to the conflict with Indonesia. East Timor has the opportunity to becoming a wealthy nation if it wasn’t so isolated. “Our people need money, … They need to sell their products. They need to have money to send their kids to school and start improving their daily lives.” (by Xanana Gusmao) This is a clear avowal for a much needed working economic system. East Timor is a very poor country with very little to live on; It also lacks laws and justice. The living standard of families in East Timor is usual low but the population is growing at an incontinent rate. Each family may have up to 8 children on average consequently; the family must have more money to send their kids to school for them to be literate and able to start business not only for themselves but business between nations, which may lessen the isolation of Timor. Once it is free from isolation, commercial trade can boost the economic standard of the country for an improved living standard. Right now East Timor is facing an oil crusade for who get to rightfully own the oil which, in the hands of East Timor is a major component for East Timor’s ideal future.

To sum up, life in East Timor is difficult, and complicated, but failure is not a reason to give up. Once a judicial system is intact East Timor stands a chance at modernization. Isolation is another key reason for not being able to move forward, because without aid from other countries at this time that East Timor needs it, Timor will not be given a head start. Without trying Timor will never succeed, and the sooner people in East Timor realize this, the sooner Timor can become a modern and prosperous nation.